UTSA beats Stanford

The roadrunners beat the Cardinals 6-5 today. Just go to show him you got to be able to play everyday. UTSA is 7-1 on the season so they are not a bad team

Stanford must have been at the bottom end of their pitching staff.

probably so and has to be a little letdown coming off the big win against us too.

Forgive me, Billy, but I’m not gonna get into baseball until basketball is over. Haven’t watched a single baseball game yet. Sounds like we can’t hit a lick right now, but I bet Dave gets it fixed.

Yeah we’re struggling big time right now with trying a little bit too hard, not swinging pitches that are strikes. We’ve played in some really bad weather too have not had one game where the wind wasn’t blowing in, which has cost us about five or six home runs. Think once we put together a couple of good offensive games we will be okay. Got to have everything worked out by March 18th when we start SEC play.

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The hogs just need to start hitting. The pitching is fine and this is the time of year to figure out who goes where on the pitching staff and in what roles.
The offense DVH will also keep the moving parts rolling until he finds the right batting order.
Any team that takes the field can beat you! Especially early.

Every game has been played with wind blowing in. That hurts hitters. Helps pitching. This team will do better offensively.

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We look to have good warm weather this week hopefully the bats will warm up accordingly.

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