Utah State

I had a question of my client in Logan about a project I am doing for him. After, I asked him if USU could beat TTech. He played Bball for USU before they discovered he was an All American OTackle and NFL OTackle.

He said they could, but they have 2 freshmen guards who are decent. If they can hit a few 3s, they can handle anybody because they have a very good, athletic big man (pushing 7’) who one on one in close is a hand full. So, if the double team can be negated by the 3 ball, then they can win. If the 3 does not go in, Tech should win going away (sound familiar?).

No, I am not overlooking toothpaste. Just passing on what I learned about at least a potential opponent.

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Utah State is known for their stout defense. And Texas Tech has trouble scoring against anyone. I give Utah State 60% chance. Muss better scout Utah State.

Have you relayed this info to Muss, Jim? :grinning:

Somehow I don’t think he is wanting that info right now, but I bet there is some Grad Assit or something preparing a report on them. I would love to play them, but would dearly hate to lose to them. Would never hear the end of it.

I would rather play Utah St than TT. Maybe the Aggies can pull the upset.

It would be a heck of an upset if the aggies won.

Yeah it would.

I’ m just not getting an upset vibe with this game.

I think T Tech pretty much controls this game and keeps U State at arm’s length and wins by about 8-10 pts.

I’d sure love to be wrong.

Smart money would agree with that outcome. TT will be a difficult out.

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