Utah is my favorite team today win or lose

Texas has a mediocre season but gets a home bowl in San Antonio.

Living in Austin around all the burnt orange arrogance is about all a heart can take.

They tanked in their last two games. Hard for their fans I’m sure.

Herman has figured out how to motivate his teams for bowl games…not so much the regular season.

I think Utah is an example of the bowl psychology I’ve been talking about. When they played the Ducks in the PTCG they were thinking about making the playoffs (and would have been there instead of OU if they had won). Went all the way from the CFP to San Antonio and looked distinctly uninterested.

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I think this is so true.

TX beat an uninspired Georgia team last year and a completely uninspired Utah team this year.

And to have to play TX at home at the Alamo even.

TX money does a lot for them but 8-5.