Utah Home and Home

Not sure I’d seen this. Good opponent.

It was announced in July 2019 but today is the first I’d heard of it too.

https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/arkansas/ Is a good site to have for future non conference games.

Does this open up 2028 for the return game with ND? We seem to prefer our P5 road games in even years, will be interesting to see what this leads to.

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ND opens 2028 with Alabama at home, but I guess they can play two SEC teams in front of Touchdown Jesus. Also, presumably after 2024 we won’t be dealing with the annual JerryWorld game which will affect future scheduling.

It affects odd years, as we will host aTm in odd years, assuming the SEC keeps the division schedules the same after the current slate runs out in 2025.

True. We play NC roadies in even years now because we’re not losing a home game by playing the Ags at JW. In odd years we’re short a home game thanks to that, so no NC roadies.