UT, OU and CSP impact on recruiting

What do y’all think are going to be the various impacts on SEC recruiting with the addition of UT, OU and CSP and his UA staff to the SEC?
ATM. I think they going to take the biggest hit. Of all the SEC schools, they probably compete the most against UT and OU for Texas recruits.
LSU. Another casualty to a lesser extent than ATM.
UA. Actually a gain. CSP and his staff enjoyed great success in Oklahoma last year and will now most likely have greater success in Oklahoma and Texas at the expense of OSU, TT, BU, TCU, etc…
UA…Campus of Champions

I agree. We aren’t going to steal many recruits from OU, UT or A&M, but we will get some of those kids that are going to the other Big 12 schools that want to play in the SEC. And we have coaches currently that understand how to recruit Texas and OK, among other border states.

I agree with those assessments. But cannot over emphasize the importance of us beating Texas next month and having a ‘break-out’ season this year


Sam had better be the right guy. If he is, and wins, and gets people that can recruit in Texas, then Arkansas over the next 5 years can absolutely compete with OU, LSU, Aggies and Texas for recruits. If we see the same inexcusable, atrocious coaching and football we’ve seen in the last 10 years, then forget it. I very much agree with Clay. Having the right head coach is absolutely critical at Arkansas.

I do think Hunter knows he will have to make a change quickly if he senses Sam won’t win. He won’t fool around. We are at a pretty critical juncture with OU and Texas coming in.

We’ve been out “ranking” those other Big 12 schools already, so, while there may be a few players we could get, I’m not so sure it will really upgrade our football team over what we’re already getting. It really doesn’t matter if the high 3* is from Texass, or GA/FL/elsewhere.

After watching last season with the same players Morris couldn’t win with it appears Coach Pittman can motivate and get the best out of the players. They want to play for him! That’s a difference maker in any sport or walk of life.
I may be totally wrong but I think Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC will be good for our hogs.

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You better hope SP does turn it around because firing a coach every 2 years versus giving a coach a legit chance to turn the program around is sure plan for disaster. It’s was evident with Morris way in over his head and his staff not SEC caliber due to his lack of connections in the coaching profession. However that can’t be the norm moving forward or you continue in mediocrity with the job labeled whether right or wrong a dead in job. Arkansas has too much history and resources that most can’t appreciate of being a competitive program because of the two previous bad hires of Beliema and Morris plus terrible leadership at the chancellor and AD level put us in this hole which started with John White as chancellor micromanaging athletics and forcing Broyles out. Leadership has to be aligned for athletics to succeed.

Coach Pitman has a bette understanding of what it takes to win than Morris. You are right about firing a coach every 2 years. That’s not the formula for building success. Just sit back and see how this season goes. The score won’t give us all the answers the way the players take the field and perform will be what we need to pay attention too! If our hogs can fight and show heart and compete I will be happy.
I hope the hogs can pick up 4 SEC wins this season.
Missouri, Ole Miss, Miss St and Auburn.
It may be realistic to think they can pull off win over LSU, Texas A&M or Georgia! Just keep it close against Alabama.

The recruiting experts would know better than me but I thought we have lost several recruiting battles in various sports to the Big 12 schools. Especially BU, TCU and TT.
UA…Campus of Champions

You mention Pittman, so I assumed you were talking about football recruiting.

I think that our coaching situation and w/l record lately means more to recruits, but I do think if Big 12 is adversely affected that helps the hogs. That and your note had me curious about recruiting in TX/OK. Again, not sure we had the relationships and with the situation of our program weighed in more than anything, but I took a look at what 4* recruits did we make offers to from TX/OK that eventually chose a Big 12 school other than TX or OU. Here’s what I found:

4-star TX/OK Offers that went to Big 12 not Texas or OU


CJ Brown, Beggs , Running Back

Ollie Gordon, Trinity , Running Back

Talyn Shettron, Santa Fe , Wide Receiver

Maurion Horn, Broken Arrow , Running Back


Ahmonte Watkins, TCU Horned Frogs, Running Back

Kyron Drones, Baylor Bears, Quarterback


Zach Evans, TCU Horned Frogs, Running Back

Sevion Morrison, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Running Back

Taye McWilliams, Baylor Bears, Running Back

Omar Manning, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Wide Receiver

Loic Fouonji, Texas Tech Red Raiders, Wide Receiver

Garrett Hayes, TCU Horned Frogs, Offensive Tackle

James Sylvester, Baylor Bears, Edge

Lorando Johnson, Baylor Bears, Cornerback


Jacob Zeno, Baylor Bears, Quarterback

Deondrick Glass, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Running Back

Peyton Powell, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Safety

Again I think we did alright, especially with OK, but here are examples of where we offered and they committed elsewhere in the Big 12 over the last couple of years.

Our initial recruiting gains from the Big12 should be from players looking at OK St. OSU has recruited well in Texas (one 4* & three 3* in '22) &, many of whom good players who should have signed with Arkansas to play SEC. Without playing ut & OU, the Big12 collapse, & no place for OSU to go, they will be the big loser in recruiting & expect to see several de-commits for them.

For Arkansas to succeed for Texas recruits, we need to be competitive in SEC this Fall & improved outlook. A win against ut, or at least playing competitively, will help. CCM recruited well in Texas, & CSP needs to build on that success. Out of 17 commits for the class of 2022, we have only 1 TX commitment. With a strong Arkansas alumni base & following in DFW & UofA being relatively close & Arkansas in the SEC, we should be getting our share of good No TX recruits.

Historically, AR has needed TX players to do well. That has not changed. Need several

Top 150 out of high school from Texas are much sought after.

It would be a shot in the arm and raise our overall strength and competitiveness if we could add 10-12 players from the left overs that Texas, A&M, and OU sign each year. They can’t sign them all. Some mighty good players from 60-150 every year and we are not scratching the surface.

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