UT-Arlington upsets #12 Saint Mary's

UT-Arlington dominated the whole game, ended up winning 65-51. I got a chance to watch the entire second half, they were streaming the game on Saint Mary’s website. UT-Arlington looks very good, they got quick guards, and versatile athletic forwards, they are going to be a 12/13 seed that no 4/5 seed is going to want to see in the tournament. Glad we pulled out that win against them earlier, it’s looking really good right now.

Yup. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Fort Wayne also looks like they’re probably going to be sneaky good for the RPI. See also Houston…maybe even Minny.

It won’t get people excited but the OOC schedule is looking to be very solid.

Our SOS on Warren Nolan’s site has bumped up to #51. UTA is actually right behind us in the RPI; we’re 19th, they’re 20th.

Yes it is. Also, doesn’t look like it right now but I believe North Florida will have a solid RPI once it’s all said and done. I’m really high on them, they are a good team, they’ve just played an extremely tough schedule (21 SOS right now). They only lost to LSU by 8 and lost by Syracuse by 6. I really hope our guys don’t look at their record and underestimate them, they are probably just a step below a UT-Arlington and Fort Wayne, as far as talent. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if after the game with us they did just like UT-Arlington and went on a winning streak, after us their schedule is very favorable for them to rack up some wins.

Also, Sam Houston and North Dakota state are solid teams that will have a decent RPI as well.

edit: Also, didn’t see anyone mention this, but Lunardi updated brackets yesterday. We are in his field as of right now as a 12 seed in one of the play-in games. Also, he has 5 of our non-conference opponents projected to make the field as well.

16 - Sam Houston St.
15 - Fort Wayne
13 - UT-Arlington
12 - Ok State
11 - Minnesota

You also have to figure Texas and Houston will both be competitive in their conferences and have a chance at the field as well. I like Houston’s chances a lot. They looked like a tournament team to me, they’ll compete really well in the AAC.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … acketology

Sam Houston State’s RPI shocked me. Much higher than I expected

Remember, RPI is basically a strength of schedule measure, with bonus points for road games. Their last D-I game was at Baylor, which right now has the #1 RPI on Warren Nolan’s site, ESPN and RealTime, and four of SHSU’s six D-I games so far have been roadies. And their non D-I game with LSU-Shreveport doesn’t count from an RPI standpoint; it’s like they never played at all. They have two more non-D-I games before they come to BWA. Won’t help them much at selection time, but nobody in the Southland is going to get an at-large bid anyway.

I agree with you about the at-large, but them having (69 as of my comment, the night we played Houston it was actually higher) a higher RPI is a “good win” for us. I honestly expected them to be a “bad game” (sub 250 RPI).

Right now, it does look like a good game for us. Will it be one in March? We shall see.

Can’t say enough about how getting rid of SWAC games has helped our SOS/RPI.
Still would like for us to go on the road to Tulsa, Oral Roberts, Missouri State etc etc, however our schedule has really improved over the past few years.

Good idea with the regional road games that aren’t really true road games. Like smu last year, hog fans were getting loud. Maybe we should get home and home going with UTA. Good way to build confidence on the road. I know that win at smu really boosted our last tourney team, with me yelling “you the man Bobby” from the balcony the whole game clearly audible in that cracker box gym certainly made a difference.

The RPI computers and the committee really won’t know the difference between a true road game and the hogs taking over Springfield or Tulsa or Dallas with bubba hog in Daryl Macons ear all game, know what I mean?

A big problem is that the Sam Houston State game is in Little Rock, a recent graveyard for Razorbacks in all sports. For some reason we always shoot poorly in LR.

I was thinking same thing, I always cringe when it comes to the NLR game. But, I do think this year’s team will be good enough to pull out the win there. Only time a CMA team hasn’t won there was his first year against a decent Houston team and last year against a Mercer team that was pretty good until they got hit with injuries. But, both those teams that lost had significantly less talent than we have this year. I think it will be a close one but Hogs pull it out.