Using the punter for kick offs?

The kick-off is a free kick and, if memory serves, teams have the option of kicking off the tee or punting. Kicking off the tee usually leads to longer kicks and a better chance of a touchback. But in light of how short some of our kicks have been, I wonder if the coaches have considered having Baker punt it. Probably more hang time and better placement of the ball. That potentially could lead to better coverage and worse field postion for the opposing team.

Would be interested in others thoughts about this.

That’s a really original idea and it just might work. If he can kick a ball 55 yards from scrimmage, the total length of the kick is about 65 yards. How far does a kickoff have to travel to make it into the end zone? 65 yards to the goal line. With longer hang time this could be an excellent idea. Good thinking PG. We actually had two kickoffs into the end zone this past game by left-footed, walk-on kicker Connor Limpert. However, TCU’s speedster ran one out from 5 yards deep and had a nice return.

I know that is an option after a safety, but I don’t think that it is an option for kickoff. :?:

Section 16, Article 6 of the NCAA rulebook:

[quote]A kickoff is a free kick that starts each half and follows each try or field goal (Exception: In extra periods). It must be a place kick or a drop kick.

Have you ever seen anyone do a drop kick on a kickoff? Not in my lifetime.

there was a long thread about it on a free site yesterday. Thanks for clearing that up, Matt.

It’s a lost art. I’d love to see it used, but apparently it is unreliable.

Thanks Matt, for clearing up the rule.

The only drop kick I’ve ever seen done in my lifetime was Doug Flutie:

I use to play around with a drop kick and got pretty good at it for short distance, extra point type, but it would be at least for me, too slow. Was fun to play with it though.