Using mobile tickets

I’ve had questions about the process of using mobile tickets. I’ll post the link to the U of A instruction page here and in the FAQ thread.

Thanks so much, Marty! Now I can better understand what to do since I didn’t attend any games last year. Really appreciate it!

You are welcome. I was transferring a ticket and realized the person getting my ticket didn’t understand how the whole process worked. I knew there would be others with questions.

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Thanks. I learned something I had no idea about. The person you are transferring the ticket to, must have a Razorback Ticket Account. Do they have to have that account before you can transfer the ticket, or can they open the account after they’ve received the ticket(s)?

“The recipient of a ticket transfer is required to have a Razorback Ticket Center account and will need to create one if they don’t.”

Hmm, I don’t think they do, I transfer tickets to my kids all the time and they don’t have accounts. They just save them on their IPhones.

hmmm. They need to change their instructions then, unless this is something new they’ve just started this season.

Yeah, I don’t think they need a ticket account. Just a mobile number,

How are they delivering the tickets for the Little Rock game. It wasn’t in the group of mobile tickets I received

BTW, the email I received with tickets has all the information that was posted on the top.

The link doesn’t say they have to have an account, that’s from your account, they click on it and save them to their Wallet/GPay.

If you’ll note the very last info page in Baumbastic’s attachment, the recepient receives a text from the ticket office. That text gives them a link to accept the transferred ticket(s) into their account. Maybe there’s a way to transfer the tickets that don’t follow the attached instruction sheet from the UA?

If they’ve never ordered tickets, they don’t have an account. Transfer one of your tickets, you’ll see.

Who knows on the LR game, I had the aTm game in their earlier, now they don’t show up either. It wasn’t the tickets, just location and info like the RRS season tickets were last week. They’ll show up, eventually.

I believe you. The UA needs to change their instructions then, because they clearly state in the above document these words, “The recipient of a ticket transfer is required to have a Razorback Ticket Center account and will need to create one if they don’t.”

The last page of their instructions shows the text they will receive from the UA. It gives them a link they must click on to accept the tickets. That link takes them to their Razorback ticket account. They would then sign and receive their tickets. It certainly makes it very confusing if none of that is correct.

Well, maybe they do, lol. I don’t remember my kids ever saying they had to have an account, I guess they have to have an email registered to access the tickets. I also transferred a bunch of baseball tickets to others last spring, whatever it is, it’s simple, lol.

Well that part of the instructions doesn’t say that recipient has to have an account, but I do see that line in the FAQ below. The instructions I received in the email does not have that FAQ. It us going to be interesting when I need to transfer, I hope ricepig is right.

True, but if you’ll notice, the link they show appears to be sending them to the "ArkansasRazorbackevenuemyaccount sign in page.

I’ve never tried to transfer a ticket, so I sure don’t know if those instructions are correct. I’ll probably call the ticket office or the foundation Monday and ask them if the instructions are correct and is this something new?

Each time the last 2 years I’ve bought e-tickets, I’ve always had my daughter and/or son-in-law with me and just kept all the tickets on my phone. We just all entered together.

I have an iPhone. My friend recommended that I move my tickets into wallet on my iPhone. I’m not that tech savvy. I have never used wallet. Any recommendations?

Recipients of ticket transfers don’t have to have an account with the ticket office. I’ve transferred tickets on more than one occasion to non-account holders.

There is also not a way to “transfer” the ticket from Apple’s Wallet app. You could take a screenshot of the ticket and send that to someone, however. It’s just the SQR code that has to be scanned.

When you accept the download of tickets on your iPhone, you will see the option to download it to your wallet. Click on it and it is done.

Thanks. Going to give it a try.