Using Devo repeatedly dribbling until he could create -----

----- an opening to drive to the basket is an interesting tactic. Since, he did this a lot in the second half it had to be that Muss wanted it that way. Black each time immediately gave the ball to Devo to bring up the court and then he and the rest of the team got way away to let Devo go one on one. Devo’s ball handling is better this year but there will be guards this season that he will need screens and other ball handlers to help him to get open. If Smith had been healthy, I assume he would take on that one on one attack role that Devo played last night.

We have more length this year but a physical inside defender did not emerge last night. Kamani gives it his all but at 6-7 it will be tough if he is the primary defender against big forwards and post men. Brazile is good and a great shot blocker but a little light. If one or both of the twins come on and uses great inside defense to get playing time, that would help a lot. It looks like their big guarding Brazille will be a much greater mis-match than Brazile guarding a big banger, so, once again, Muss is dialing it up well. Go Hogs. I wonder if Walsh’s light playing time is encouragement for him to take on that physical inside defender role?

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Muss use the same tactic in the next few games with difference players. Also the 2 man game with different players. Once Smith gets healthy he will take that over.

Muss said afterwards Devo needs assists. He said he can be clever (with passes) so I assume that means all that dribbling was not exactly what was needed. I do believe there are times when Muss wants to eat up the clock with a 16 point lead in last 3 minutes. Nolan did that too.

In the post game radio interview, Brazile said the game plan was to attack the basket. Surely that was a decision based on the match up. That’s the way Muss does it. It will be a different plan against a different team, no doubt. Muss mentioned Devo had too many turnovers (5), despite the good scoring night. He also had no assists. I’m sure that will be part of the practice conversation as well.

The plan will be to attack the basket in every game. Muss has repeatedly said that will be this team’s best hope for an offense. Just don’t have a great number of shooters.

Team’s biggest offensive strength is dribble-driving and getting to the rim. We’ll see it every game. The first 3 wasn’t taken until 10 minutes in. Find an advantageous matchup, drive the ball, finish/get to the line and convert.


Makhi Mitchell could be the physical interior defender the team needs. He was pretty impressive last nite scoring the ball in the paint. Also had the most steals I think. Muss did say he needs to rebound the ball better.

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