USFL trys again.... Arkansas connections

I scanned the rosters real quick to see if any hogs showed up and found a pair.

  • Devwah Whaley #12 RB 5’11" 212 lbs (Arkansas) – Houston Gamblers
  • Cheyenne O’Grady #85 TE 6’4" 245 lbs (Arkansas) – Tampa Bay Bandits

And sadly there were more Arkansas State players than Razorbacks. :frowning:

  • Chris Odom #93 DE 6’3" 245 lbs (Arkansas State) – Houston Gamblers
  • Jonathan Adams #9 WR 6’3" 220 lbs (Arkansas State) – New Orleans Breakers
  • Cody Brown #21 S 6’0" 201 lbs (Arkansas State) – Philadelphia Stars

I stopped on the NJ-Birmingham game while surfing channels and one of the first images was John Chavis. He is the defensive coordinator/LB coach for Birmingham. :flushed:

Yes I saw that too. There was also mention of Skip Holtz, so I guess this is where he is now as well.

Much better FB game than I thought would be played. They did say Skip Holtz Skip Holtz - Wikipedia. Skip has a lot of hats to wear.

The running, blocking and tacklets we pretty good for 3 weeks practice time. I watch the NFL very little but thought I would watch the USFL and take a few notes…

And Bill Johnson was Dline coach.

Randy Satterfield, receiver from Lyon college, had a really good game for the Generals.

I didn’t know Lyon even had a football team. It seems that was added (D-3) in 2015.

Did not know that either. I went to hoops camp there back in the late 80’s (still Arkansas college).

I suspect that’s because there are so few ASU players on NFL rosters. I’m not convinced the USFL is gonna be any more successful this time than last time.

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