Useless but interesting information

Here is the average distance each player is from their hometown…ie, how far does each school have to go to get their players… I’m sure Hjalte skewed our numbers.

Each SEC school’s average distance from player’s hometown:

Mississippi State – 170.57 miles

Georgia – 235.43 miles

South Carolina – 263.95 miles

Texas A&M – 268.67 miles

Auburn – 284.94 miles

Kentucky – 302.7 miles

LSU – 342.86 miles

Tennessee – 352.10 miles

Florida – 379.02 miles

Alabama – 380.81 miles

Arkansas – 409.78 miles

Missouri – 417.74 miles

Ole Miss – 494.26 miles

Vanderbilt – 510.81 miles

I find it interesting that FL has to travel as far as they do to get players…Not sure how meaningful this information is either, but interesting nonetheless…

Florida is in Gainsville, most D1 players in Florida come from the Miami Dade area which is 336 miles away. I know most people see a guy playing for Florida from Florida and assume he was right there, but other than the U (10.1) miles and FAU (46.2 miles) it’s a pretty good distance between the school and the hotbed area:

FSU - 483 miles
Gators - 336 miles
UCF - 227 miles

As a comparison I grew up in Benton, it is 205 miles from Fayetteville. Yet, everyone says the Fayetteville to LR trip is to far

One guy couldn’t skew the numbers too much and the handful of guys from Fayetteville would balance him out. This is very interesting though. I would like to see the numbers over time. It would also be interesting to see other numbers like the numbers for the two deep. Or, the breakdown of players 0-100 miles, 100-200 miles, etc. Sorry, I’m a numbers guy.

I think it shows there is a LOT of talent in Georgia. I find it interesting that there is so much difference between the 2 MS schools… I think it shows CBB HAS to go o/s AR to get talent, and does! says its 4,780 air miles from Copenhagen, Denmark, to XNA. Froholdt’s hometown is 120 miles from Copenhagen by road. But if you spread that 4900 miles out over 100 or so guys on the roster, it wouldn’t make a big difference in the average – an extra 40 miles or so over him being from, say, Atlanta. Even less if they had counted him as being from Bradenton, FL, which is where he went to his last year of high school.

I guarantee you, too, that that number would be a lot higher for our basketball team thanks to Moses Kingsley.