Use this game

to show what we did to win 11 SEC games in a row.

We played too much hero ball and missed FT’s and it cost us.

We lost more than LSU won.

LSU play like punks and I can’t stand them. They were cussing at our players when it was clear they were going to win. They cussed at our bench and our fans. They’re team is full of punks. Their coach is a punk. I wish nothing but destruction of their program because of their crap.

Having Williams out hurt big time in this game.

BUT…this game has every opportunity to help bring this team down to earth a little more and help them stay hungry. We should still secure the 3rd seed and we can get to the Elite 8 at least if we play like we know we can.

Bold prediction…no other SEC team other than Arkansas makes it to the Sweet 16. You heard it here first for your brackets.


Let’s see, in 1994 we lost in the SEC semis… and never lost again. And that team wasn’t missing a key player at the time. We have a week to refocus and get Jaylin back in gear.

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We have a good team that plays like a team. We didn’t today and it cost us. Refocus, get Williams back, and make a historic run.

Muss definitely should get some focus, motivation, hunger, and improvement from this loss. Plus, the weight of a winning streak can sometimes add pressure. I look forward to see how we respond.

Look at the amount of minutes Justin and Moses have played in Jaylin’s absence. I hate losing, but an extra day’s rest isn’t the worst thing in the world. Especially when our seeding was probably locked regardless of the outcome.

It never is a good thing to get beat! In the last 25 years the hugs needed to get a couple of wins in the SEC tourney to try to get a bid. This year it didn’t make any difference. The one thing we all can see by watching today this Years Hogs don’t play very good on back to back days. They looked wore out and beat. They handle the ball like they couldn’t focus just like their free throw shooting. Missing J. Williams did hurt. Having a short bench hurts. Having a 6’8” player sitting on the bench that is too scared to bang and take contact or rebound. The hogs are missing K K right now as much as they have missed J. Williams! Vance Jackson inability to play defense and rebound has been a disappointment to me. Henderson played his tail off and I hope he finds the majic in practice to earn some playing time through out next season. What would it be like to have 10 players that can give your team positive minutes in Turney time?
In year 2 under CEM we have all been fortunate to be experiencing the excitement of our Hogs become relevant again nationally! It will get better next season. The dance this season is a bonus.

Smith and Moses are playing tired (JW out made this worse) and losing this game shouldn’t be a total surprise. Rest, Williams back, players stop puking, and let this staff refocus the team will put new energy into the players. Losses are never fun, but this one may pay off big in the next couple of weeks. As Swine mentioned, '94 Hogs won 13 in a row, lost and then refocused through to a NC. This team is positioned well right now.


Spot on

Losing that game is no big deal. Nolan never really cared if we won the SECT, which is why we only won it once. We weren’t going to move up to a 2 seed, and the loss isn’t going to knock us down to a 4. Get the bad game out of our system now instead of a clunker next week when it really counts.

I agree Swine that the NCAA Tourney and the SEC regular season league championship are the two main goals. That said, if we are gonna play the damn thing, I do wish we would win the SEC Tourney every once in a while. Its like Euro football…it is hardware. I’d like to see us win some…(and I write that knowing you watch Euro football).

LOL. You’re correct. I do, and am. Euro football teams have about five hardware possibilities: League cup, Europa League, national cup, Champions League and their league title. I pretty much listed them in inverse order of their importance. (And then in England if you win one of the cups you can play in the Community Shield match, which is a sixth opportunity for hardware). The SEC tournament is probably above only the NIT on our pecking list. Which I would say is NIT, SECT, SEC title, NCAA regional and NC.

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