USCe isn't looking good

A&M is looking very good. USCe was hyped early with the NCSU win but I’m not sure they are that good. Is USCe over hyped or is A&M better than hyped?

I’m sure we will botch it but they were lucky to escape La Tech by 1 at home, lost by 10 at home to a suddenly more Uk looking UK team and got a lot of mileage out of housing Mizzou when it looks like Missouri will get housed by most everyone.

And, like us, they lost 1 of their best players a few weeks ago.

#3 passing offense in the SEC, Hogs will lose

USCe 10
Ags 7

Yep, Arkansas has the best “fans” in all of college football.

Being realistic doesn’t make you a bad fan.

There is being realistic and then there is being negative for the sake of negativity. A whole bunch of people on this board have not figured out the difference; furthermore they have no interest in figuring out the difference.

I was there in '69. I’ve seen coaches come and coaches go. This coaching staff is a joke and an abomination in year 5. We have two freshman starting at the corner Calloway and Curl. Speaks volumes about recruiting in year 5

What does that have to do with saying “Hogs will lose” a week before the game? If you said “this will be a tough game, hogs will have to play their best game of the year to win”, I would disagree with you but would consider that in the realm of realistic. Saying flat out we will lose is either wishful thinking or agenda driven.

I’d argue South Carolina lost its best player. The offense has not looked the same since Samuel was injured, and I’m not sure the defenses have been that much better.

Defense is crap, the middle is open all day. It’s on the road, Paul Rhodes is a joke. Coach B is a joke, look at the OL.

I’ve not watched a minute of it, but see that the Aggies have only scored 7 after going through the Hog defense like a knife through hot butter.

That’s worrisome

Somebody SPOKE to soon…

South Carolina is over hyped! The hogs could win that game. Will it happen. Who knows but the difference between them playing A&M and us is A&M can pressure the QB. Next week the chickens will have plenty of time to throw.

South Carolina’s defense is much better than ours

That is more upsetting than anything is how did we get to the point of having such a poor defense

The 3-4 will take time but we are running out of time starting next week

So what we can conclude is SC has a much better defense against TAM, and we had a much better offense against them. So, it’s a tossup.

Was the player who left the game tonight one of their better receivers?

Idiot coach

Texas A&m 24 South Carolina 17 A&M PUT THE Pressure on the SOUTH Carolina quarterback more so in the fourth quarterback

The USCe offense is nowhere near what we encountered against A&M. USCe has a weaker offense going against our weak defense.

The USCe defense is salty against A&M’s spread attack with a read option. How will it stack up against our play action offense? How often have they faced a Pro Style play action offense?

A&M looks pretty good with a true freshman QB. TCU is looking pretty good too.

The lunatic fringe isn’t anything more than the vocal minority

We are going to be underdogs our next 4 games…it will be interesting to see if we can win one or two. South Carolina should be our best chance to win a game.