USC Womens AD Fired.....Allegedly Received 1.3 MIL in Bribes … -students/

Code Name “Operation Varsity Blues”

FBI evidently has a sense of humor :sunglasses:

Nine coaches and athletic administrators were named in the indictment, including three at USC and one at Texas. USC has fired two, including the women’s water polo coach; the third USC coach has already left the school. Texas put its men’s tennis coach on leave while it investigates.

Wow! It appears the corruption across college athletics has just gone mad! This is simply sad and shows just how far people will go to make a $$$$$.
I think the FBI may be getting serious about the fraud issue.

This is only minimally about college athletics. The ringleader, who has already pleaded guilty, got coaches involved because many schools have easier admission standards for athletes than other students and he could take advantage of that. So someone who pretended to be a star athlete could get admitted when otherwise she wouldn’t. Also involved having people take the ACT/SAT for a kid (the old Derrick Rose trick).

One more detail: The USC water polo coach involved in this has won 14 national championships. FOURTEEN. Of course there are only 32 women’s water polo programs (low-participation sports is how the West Coast schools load up on NCs; UCLA is now over 130 NCs). But still, a natty is a natty.

A bunch of rich parents with more money than parenting skills are going to have criminal records.

I suppose getting your mouth-breather child into the “right” school by funding a new chemistry lab no longer works.

Oh that still works. This is just a lower level version of the same thing, the difference being that someone who might actually be an athlete loses out because of the brazen greed of these coaches/administrators. School fundraisers have all kinds of spots available for the alum who writes the big check for the chem lab.

One of those things that has gone on everywhere forever I bet.

I think Felicity Huffman was part of it too and just got out on $250k bond!!! WTH is she doing a part of this!!! Unreal man!

The college athletics corruption is growing into a 2 headed monster!

It getting interesting. The NCAA Head shed may be involved too. I wouldn’t doubt anything and nothing would suprise me at this point. The question is how many people end up in the poky!

Yes she was, so was Lori Loughlin of “Full House” fame. Loughlin has not been arrested yet; she wasn’t home when the FBI came knocking.

Another case of helicopter parenting. If your kid isn’t smart enough or dedicated enough to get into the “right school”, throw some cash around to accomplish the same thing. Loughlin’s two daughters both ended up at USC. Huffman, as I understand it, got her daughter’s SAT scores “improved” thanks to a $15,000 payment, but it’s not clear if she actually was admitted to any school.

So these people send their precious children to private schools and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars only to be let down when they can’t get into USC on their on merit…what a shame.

Apparently Loughlin’s daughter is some kind of “influencer” on Instagram or whatever. After she got into USC, she posted a video about how she was looking forward to partying at USC but wasn’t into “school.” HOW FRIGGEN STUPID can you be. At least pretend to be a serious student if you are in that situation!!!

Second thing, I have always liked Loughlin and I know (from personal experience) that no matter how hard you try you can’t control how your kid turns out, but if my child couldn’t get into USC because she didn’t make good enough grades because she “wasn’t into school” why would you cheat to get her into school? Do you really think you are doing them any favors?

SMDH!!! They might as well go to school for them as well and do their homework and take their tests etc. Spoiled rotten brats that will fail in life if they keep this crap up. Serves them right they got caught and should be incredibly embarrassed by it all but probably won’t be. Idiots!

Which reminds me of another rich kid attending USC who wasn’t too interested in school. You may recall that Misery’s new arena was initially named Paige Arena, after Bud Walton’s 22-year-old granddaughter (her parents gave $25 million to Mizzou for the arena; why they wanted to name it for their kid I have no idea). But it turned out young Paige Laurie’s USC degree was literally bought; she hired another woman to attend classes, take her tests, write her papers, etc., and she just partied. ABC’s “20/20” broke the story and soon it was just Mizzou Arena.

As much as I think I would like to be a billionaire, if that is what that kind of money would do to my children or grandchildren, I will just stay poor.

I wondered what happened to young Ms. Laurie after this episode, so I did some digging. She married her high school sweetheart from CoMo, but he later claimed that she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from him (why a Walmart heir needs to be stealing what amounts to chump change from her spouse is beyond me). They divorced and she took her maiden name back. More recently, she spent $41 million on a 15,000-square foot mansion overlooking Beverly Hills, which is an awful lot of house for someone who lives alone. She also has purchased an upscale shopping area in Malibu. Seems she likes the SoCal lifestyle.