USC will be tough they have a lot of LH pitching

You’ve obviously never had the unfortunate experience of owning a Siamese cat then. Lucky you! :lol:

Oh yes I have…but I did have the unfortunate experience of letting her come into heat…had to recruit a husband fast!
Currently have a female Devon Rex…she is comparatively quiet vocally but VERY spayed!

We have a spayed Siamese cat and if she ever gets locked into a room by herself she wails (or caterwauls) like someone is strangling her.

I currently have a German Shorthaired Pointer (dog) who can make some of the strangest noises that you ever heard. It is part gargle and part yodel. She is a little different.

Those are beautiful dogs. And with a singing voice to boot, apparently! That’s sounds like the noise my lab makes when I’m putting my running shoes on. He gets really excited about going running.