USC will be tough they have a lot of LH pitching

this could be a tough series they have seven or eight LH pitchers which I’m probably thinking maybe our Achilles heel. I know Fletcher kjerstad don’t really hit lefties that well so we will have to depend home Martin Ezell Obitz and maybe McFarland to get some big hits. I do like the way Nesbit hit the ball last week so we may be okay but I got a feeling this is going to be a very tough series for us. We have never played well on the west coast maybe this will be a new trend.

They started two righties in their opening series. Just because you have somebody on the roster doesn’t mean that somebody is ready to come in and get out hitters at the high-D1 level. The one lefty starter threw seven scoreless innings in their 11-0 win Saturday, but that was against Nebraska-Omaha. I doubt UNO has any SEC-level hitters.

they also still have the same LH guy who last year totally shut us down as well.We will see Im just going on Kjertad and Fletcher not hitting LH well and don’t know about goodheart yet.Last yr team didn’t LH good and they had some really good RH in the lineup to offset the Lefties not hitting…like I said we will see.They are starting 2 RH so hopefully we will jump on them.

Maybe we get lucky and Heston and Fletcher come up with some key hits against the lefty. It will be good for them to face some quality pitching.

they are both very capable of hitting them with a little more discipline.

Our lefties just have to be prepared to take the ball to the opposite field. Our top hitters always seem to want to pull the ball and go for the fences. I thought hitting the ball to all fields was something we were going to work on, at least when you are down to your last strike.

Heston and Fletcher need to look at trying to go to left field off the lefties. I thought Fletcher was trying to yank every pitch he saw to right. Heston did get robbed a couple of times to left field last weekend.
I like to see hitters use the entire field.

Yes that’s exactly what they’re doing and the picthes they’re swinging at are not strikes. The left handed batters that hit left-handed pitching all pretty much eliminate right feel unless it’s just a mistake pitch they look to go up the middle and away and know the strike zone and are not fooled. I hope these two guys can make some progress in that area will really help this offense.

Just remember that last year we hit right hand a left hand pitching equal. (Around .303 against RHP and .302 LHP before the NCAA Tournament if I recall correctly).

Chad Spanberger really figured this out his last year here and man it was a sight to see.

Looks like it is raining in LA…forecast is 50, clear skies w little wind at first pitch.

I think Kjerstad has shown he’s got power to all fields and does a pretty good job of not trying to pull everything. He scored our lone run against Arizona last spring by sending a ball over the wall in left center field off of a very good left handed pitcher. And having Eric Cole in the lineup really helped us last season as well. He was great from both sides of the plate.

Thank you for bring it up I didn’t realize we had that good of numbers against lefties. Hopefully we can continue tonight and Sunday

One of the truly remarkable things about last year’s offense is that it was without a weakness; that is to say, they hit everything equally well! I’ve never seen balance to rival these stats.

From the post I made here last June 18th (as we were still in the middle of the CWS):

[color=#4000FF]“Do you want to see consistency? Our overall BA is .302. With the bases loaded - .301. With the bases empty - .303. With runners on base (all) - .302. Against right handed pitching - .303. Against left handed pitching - .302.”[/color]

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We didnt hit the guy they’re throwing tonight at all hopefully this year’s team will be a little better… just put the bat on the ball.

Are we gonna do this all year, again?

Yeah Piglet we’re going to keep it real tell the truth just like always…

You know, the LH pitching really did give some of our LH batters problems. We hit Longrie around alright, but that Esqueda and Manning are both quality LH relievers. Fletcher and Goodheart both got hits, but there were definitely times where they struggled to see the ball in the zone and took swings at bad pitches. I think it also gave Kenley some problems, as he struck out twice, but was still able to make some contact and get on via fielder’s choice twice. But luckily, it didn’t give our team problems as a whole because we have some very good hitters from the right side as well, and a couple of exceptional switch hitters.
Casey Opitz looked like the real deal last night. At the plate, he had a single, a sac fly RBI, a stolen base, and two walks. Behind the plate he might have looked even better. He framed a few up and does it so naturally that he doesn’t hurt his cause by trying to frame a bad pitch and looking like a fraud in the process. It looks like he knows how to talk to our pitchers, and has a feel for when to go talk to them and settle them down (ex. Vermillion in the 8th). He is a pro at blocking pitches in the dirt, and is athletic enough to chase down a wild pitch without loosing sight and command of the runners. He had a couple of snap throws to first that didn’t get an out, but I think slowed down there base runners, as we didn’t give up a single stolen base last night. Credit that also to Ramage and Scroggins effectively holding runners at first. I also think Opitz is calling most of the pitches, so hats off to him there. He said something to that effect in an interview this week, that Hobbs is less hands-on about calling pitches in-game than Johnson was.

The walks/HBP were a concern as they resulted in the only runs USC got, but credit to our bullpen because we didn’t give up a free pass after the 4th innning (aside from an error at SS by Martin in the 7th)

All in all, I was pretty happy with the performance. I would love to hear a mic’d up recording from the DVH mound visit in the 8th when Cronin came in. He said something to just about each individual infielder and had a long chat with Cronin. Afterwards, Opitz stayed on the mound with Cronin and had an even longer chat. If I had to guess, I’d say DVH told Cronin, “throw it hard son, this guy can’t touch you”. Then told the infielders, “look out, if its coming towards you, it will be coming fast.” Maybe Opitz told Cronin, “Don’t worry, I wore my extra thick glove tonight just for you. Lets go!”

Like last year when for most of the season you kept it real by talking about how we were way overrated and then we ended up being a caught popup away from the NC?

I’m not saying we’re that good this year. We aren’t. But Lord of Mercy, it’s baseball. The constant caterwauling is weird.

I learned another new word, this board is expanding my vocabulary :sunglasses: