USC website on the track meet

Their coach wasn’t sure what happened, but the description at the bottom is pretty accurate, except it didn’t mention that Cockrell clipped the South Carolina runner before the Bama girl knocked the baton loose. I halfway figured they’d blame the Hogs for it somehow.

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Kind of ironic that two other SEC schools indirectly helped us win that title by their involvement in the baton drop.

Good article. A lot of coaches would have whined and moaned but he was positive through out.

I can remember when USC was a powerhouse in most sports.

Their coach is a woman, who oversees both the men’s and women’s programs.

Second place in the NCAA is nothing to be ashamed of, though.

SC is still a very good athletic program, even though their current administration is quite incompetent. They’re fifth in the current Directors Cup standings and a second place yesterday won’t hurt (last DC update was Thursday). It’s really hard to screw that up completely with the amount of talent growing up in the SoCal area and USC’s ability to recruit nationally in most if not all sports.

I am way behind the times, I totally missed Director of Track and Field, and failed to notice it was a she.

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