USC, UCLA looking to join Big 10

So, San Diego State and Boise State to the PAC 12-2?

Likely raid the Big 12

Crazy travel if that panned out. From NJ (Rutgers) to CA.

Absolutely brutal. If they truly care for the players and coaches. there will be no night games out west for the central and eastern time zone teams.

I would have to check but when Texas played I believe Cal, the team got back around 5 or 6 am the next day.

When does the SEC and Big 10 just leave the NCAA altogether in football?


I think football leaves the NCAA anyway. But the after effect of this could be the Power 5 becomes the Power 3. Or 2.

Is there anyone out there the SEC would take? Will Cal and Stanford also go to the B10+4? Does everyone else out there join the Big 12? Does Notre Dame join the ACC or finally give in to the B10?

Stay tuned.

If the ACC fell apart, the SEC might have some interest in a few of their schools, but that is unlikely to happen- unless Notre Dame joins the Big X, which would likely force further consolidation.

Stanford and ND coming into the Big X together would make some sense, and both fit the academic profile. Stanford has a serious commitment to sports. Cal on the other hand would be bring neither a strong athletic program or a rabid fan base.

If the SoCal schools leave, a PAC merger with the Big XII has to be on the table, particularly if Stanford also leaves.

Cal did win two nattys this year, which is two more than we won. They finished 27th in Directors Cup, ahead of Auburn, SoCar and Misery, among others, and close behind Bama and TAM.

As for Notre Dame, Jim Phillips needs to be calling Jack Swarbrick and saying “what do you want to come on board,” and then give it to him.

ESPN reporting that the current P-12 TV deal expires after the 2023-24 school year, which is why they are free to leave after that with no financial penalty.

Were those championships in any sport that has any kind of TV market or in which the majority of Power Five schools even compete? Fielding teams, even good teams, in a lot of minor sports does not make Cal a desirable candidate in this environment.

Who else thinks we eventually end up with an NFL style setup with 2 super conferences (ala AFC & NFC) and they each have sub divisions and we end up with a 12 team playoff and the Natty is the college version of the superbowl.

That model has worked for years for the NFL. TV knows how to generate money with it. All we are missing is drafting and free agency, though I’d say the loose transfer portal and NIL deals seem to almost cover those two aspects.

One yes (men’s swimming, with 143 schools and 10 in the SEC, although we’re not one of those) and one no (men’s water polo).

Stanford and Cal are pretty close to equal academically. TV markets ain’t what they used to be in conference decisions but the Bay Area is a big one (#6).

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This kind of move should only happen after a major earthquake.

In that case, USC and UCLA will join the Pacific Floor 6 along with Cal, Stanford, San Jose State and UC-Santa Barbara.

And what will Bill Walton do if the Conference of Champions goes poof?

The problem with the northern California market is that it’s a pro-oriented market. College football and basketball just don’t move the needle like what you see in the midwest and south. Now if the Big Ten could get the 49ers…

Oregon would be a better fit than Cal for the Big Ten, and you’ve got to think the Ducks won’t stand pat if USC/UCLA leave. Washington also might be a better candidate.

I’m not sure the PAC will exist at all in five years. Utah, Colorado and the Arizona Schools could all go to the Big XII, and I don’t think you can discount the two conferences just merging after the Big Ten takes whatever else it wants. Washington State and maybe Oregon State could have a problem finding a home.

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And it ain’t to schedule nonconference games. California writer Jon Wilner broke the story, since confirmed by The Athletic. They could jump to the Big 10 as soon as 2024.

And the carousel starts all over again. Or maybe this continues what started with OU and Texas.

Is the remainder of the P-12 gonna join the Orphan Eight? Is there anyone out there the SEC would take? Stay tuned.

ESPN has also confirmed it. The lure, of course, is TV money. Big 10 is about to do a huge TV deal. The P-12… isn’t.

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