USC smokes #1 UCLA 7-2

Way to go Trojans!!!

That will help our RPI. Not a whole lot but a little bit.

Other Friday night scores of interest:

Arkansas State beat #12 Coastal Carolina 4-2 at Coastal. Yurachek used to be AD at CCU, and of course they have something we couldn’t quite get – a big trophy from Omaha. (I drove through the Coastal campus the other day going to visit my son. Didn’t see their baseball field but they’re putting a nice upper deck on the football stadium, which has lovely teal-colored turf).

#4 Georgia lost to the Jellycats 5-0. Hogs and Aggies have the best SEC record now at 6-1 while Dawgs are 6-2.

LSU beat #2 Moo U 10-5 at Stankvomit to even that series. Both teams are two games behind Hogs and Aggies in the West.

Virginia beat #5 NC State 4-3.

#7 Molester State beat U-Dub 1-0.

The Fightin’ Fallopians beat Xavier 6-5 in 12. Another boost to the RPI, I suppose.

Speaking of which, live RPI from Warren Nolan:

  1. Vandy, jumping up three spots this week
  2. Molester State, down one
  3. Arkansas
  4. UCLA, dropping two.
  5. Auburn, up one
  6. TTTech, up two
  7. Cal-Santa Barbara, up two
  8. Stanford, down one (Trees are unbeaten in the Pac-11).
  9. Illinois, but they didn’t get their score updated today (lost at Iowa 8-4). Like our Friday game last week, they list it as a tie. Dropped four spots even with the tie, probably more when they get it fixed.
  10. AZ State, which is 23-1. Up one spot this week
  11. Aggies, up 8 spots this week.
  12. EOE, down two spots
  13. Nike U, down one
  14. Pepperdine, which was in Omaha the first time we were there, won the NC in 1992 and hasn’t been back. Up 7 spots this week.
  15. NC State, down two
  16. Fightin’ Fallopians.