USC Rotation

Thursday - Cody Scroggins
Friday - Isaiah Campbell
Saturday - Connor Noland

Here is more: … start-usc/

When I first saw that Scroggins would start Thursday night, I was puzzled. Then, after some reflection, I think i see the strategy behind this. I know we had a game delayed and an early start this week but I see more in this.

Kind of surprised he’s putting scroggins back out there after just complaining of stiffness. Hope he’s okay and can come out Sharp and hold them down.

They will approach Thursday kind of like a midweek game. The starter will pitch a few innings, the next will get an inning or two and so forth.

I figured that Thursday would be a Johnny Mostly Wholestaff situation.

It’s a perfect time to make sure Scroggins is ok. Just like it’s a good time to get Ramage another shot too! I like games where different pitchers are put in to give a couple of innings. I also hope Cronnin has a good weekend on the coast.