USC Game Tickets

I am thinking of taking my daughter to a Razorback baseball game and am wondering how hard it is to get tickets. Is it better to buy in advance or can I generally get tickets outside? USC may be harder than a normal out of conference game to get some outside. Just wondering what to do.
Also, would be awesome to also get tickets to gymnastics March 2. How difficult to get tickets to those?
Thanks for any input.


I’m not sure how hard it will be to get baseball tickets. Gymnastics tickets should be available. I would contact the ticket office (800-982-4647 or 479-575-5151) about both. Then you will know where you stand.

History Hog, normally there would be plenty tickets available this early in the season. IVe never seen them stop selling GeneralmAdmission tickets except in NCAA Tournament games.

My Two Sunday tickets will almost definitely be available (good seats). If interested, let me know the early the week before.

For baseball, the demand is going to depend on the weather. You just never know what you’re going to get that time of year.

I think your best bet is to try to buy tickets outside the stadium because you are more likely to get chairback seats. Of course, you may want to sit in the outfield, in which case you’ll be able to buy those at the gate the day of the game. There are not many chairback seats available on a per game basis most years, and this year they have sold a record number of season tickets in those areas.

I am nervous telling anyone that tickets are going to be easy to find for any game this year. The excitement is just off the charts. But the key, as Matt noted, is always the weather. I don’t recall too many games in early March where you could get shut out trying to buy outside the stadium. But again, it’s going to depend on weather.

The tailgaters who are right across from the Foundation/Ticket office often have tickets available. BUT, according to a recent post on their Facebook page “* The little red ticket will still hang at the top of the sign if we have tickets. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen very often this year. Because we expect big things from our Hogs this season!”