USA Today writer on the roster dilemma facing Muss

Good Problem to have

This guy actually has it right. Some tough decisions are gonna have to be made. Everything can’t be unicorns and rainbows. I have said all day that, regardless of this awesome class that Muss has brought in, some really, really good kids have to go.


How does USA Today know what Notae feels or thinking right now. (Notae feels like he is 1 season away under Muss from becoming NBA ready)

Exactly. The longer he stays in school and the older he gets, Notae becomes less valuable to the NBA or another pro team. Honestly, he may have actually stayed one more year than he should have this past season. I’m certainly glad he stayed, but it was probably not to his benefit towards a pro career. He’ll probably be 25 this time next year. In today’s NBA, that’s a 5 or 6 year NBA veteran.

If he stays or goes, either way, he’s probably going to have to go the overseas or G-League route.

I don’t remember seeing it on here, but I think it was determined earlier in the week who was more than likely or definitely leaving. So, not sure he’ll “have to make room”. The room may already be there. Just not public yet. I don’t think we should be surprised if we hear about transfers out today through Sunday.

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That’s not actually USA Today, that’s a Arkansas-based site under the USAT umbrella. One of their writers is Andy Hodges, who has been stirring up stuff for more than 40 years. I don’t know who this guy is who wrote this, but he seems to be their basketball guy more or less.

Regarding the roster, we’ve been discussing this ad nauseam. Is CV leaving? Is KK leaving? Jaxson? JD? Toney? Devo? JWill going pro? Two people as of now have to go, more if we make another portal addition.

Yeah I’m pretty sure Muss has his plan already figured out.he will not be caught off guard by anything. He knows who’s not going to be staying.

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Muss has every scenario covered and he will make the best decision based on needs.
I think Devo, Toney or JWilliams will be back next season. Notae is the wild card! There’s no real way to know what he will do. The other players who knows. That’s between Muss and them.

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Isn’t this the case every year? There’s always movement on all college rosters especially with the portal. It’s been this way for as long I’ve been following college sports.

Most decisions aren’t tough because kids see the writing on the wall.

Yeah it’s only tough in the case of a kid who really, really wants to be there even though the wall says “you ain’t gonna get off the bench next year.” Which might apply in one case on our roster.

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I was thinking two

Also possible

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