USA TODAY on Alabama Basketball


This probably represents the consensus opinion of Americans whether they closely follow sports or not.


Similar thoughts here from Pat Forde. I particularly liked this line:

In the final analysis, Alabama sacrificed every shred of its institutional integrity for a meager Sweet 16 run. That’s not a great return on the mortgaging of a reputation.


More strong signals that Alabama has suffered a huge hit to their reputation and stature. Moms will not forget the image that their daughters are worth the sacrifice to hang a banner somewhere on the Bama campus.


Still don’t know why Saban sat courtside with Byrne after the facts came out. Terrible look.

Of course, Nick is distancing himself from this embarrassment now, but why didn’t he do this all along?

I guarantee Saban regrets it, but those images remain.

He sat on the front row with the AD and supported a coach who did nothing to a great player who absolutely contributed to a murder.

You can’t wash those things away with soap and water. Bleach won’t help either.

Just disgusting.


Im glad to see the national media not letting this story slip away. They deserve every scathing article that comes their way.


If you punish Miller, what kind of punishment do you hand down? If you suspend him for just a few games, then that’s what you are saying the victim’s life was worth (by implication not much). Do you suspend him longer? Do you expel him from school? Each carries a value judgment.

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WOW! A perfect, blistering article by one of the best, and most widely known sports writers in the business. Recruiting for Bama basketball just got much tougher. That article from Forde will eventually reach more recruits’ parents than I originally thought. I hope it ends up in the SI magazine.


I think it will be very interesting to see how this affects recruiting… the way he’s so nonchalantly played that off and then tried to cover his butt with that fake apology.

I hope it takes him down and the program as well.


At the very minimum, Miller violated the University’s student code of conduct. If it were any other student, they would be suspended for the rest of the semester, or until an official investigation and review was concluded. Miller got off because he helped win basketball games.


One thing is for sure, you don’t look the other way.


You don’t look the other way , unless your Oats and Alabama


The funniest thing is that the Accessory more or less shot them out of the tournament. 3 for 19 or whatever. Sears did his best to overcome it, but karma got the Accessory too.

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My golf buddy, on local (Tuscalooser) reaction to the Sweet 16 loss (he’s a Tigger fan): It was almost like going to a funeral today at church. I have never heard such excuses in all my life. Bama is still the best team but we got ruffled up. It was almost like a football game. Boo hoo

I’ll imagine you had to hide your smile at church. I’ve been in that position at church with my Vol friends. You can tell when the football team wins the congregation is predominantly dressed in orange. When they lose no one wears orange. I don’t even have to check ESPN to know who won.

That’s going WAY overboard.

If you went to an Auburn church it was like going to a funeral and the body sits up in the coffin and says, “what’s everybody here for?”.

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