USA Today Early Top 25

No Hogs but both Alabama and Mizzu included

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That’s ridiculous. Missouri will be better but no team that went 8-24 the year before should be considered a Top 25 team in the preseason. They may wind up being a Top 25 team, but whatever happened to proving yourself first?

Little surprised Florida is so high.

I agree with Bama being where they’re at. Not sure I’m sold on Mizzou being Top 25. Maybe I will warm up to them as I start to look more closely during the summer.

Texas A&M and Vanderbilt were on the list of teams just missing out. So USA Today projects Arkansas 7th in the SEC, at best.

Of some interest, Minnesota is No. 17 and Seton Hall is No. 20. has the Hogs at 22 in their post draft deadline Top 25. … ons-052517

Regardless of whether they start the season in Top 25, by the end of the Nike tournament and Minnesota game, the Hogs would be either firmly in Top 25 or out of it. Huge opportunity in the non-conference season to build resume or a dig a hole.

It’s absurd. Having 8-win teams and others with “dynamic recruiting years/projections” over a team with 8 returning players, six returning seniors and 2-3 All SEC caliber guys is nuts but not surprising.

Will be very interesting to see what the preseason polls look like. My guess is there will be a lot of people (myself probably included) who are very hit-and-miss.

I could see 12-13 wins winning the conference. Kentucky and Florida will almost certainly be picked 1-2. After that, I think there will be a large fluctuation of opinions between Arkansas, Alabama, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Auburn, Missouri and Vanderbilt, with Tennessee maybe getting some love, too.

I could see a cluster of legitimately good teams around .500 in conference play. Winning 10 games would mean you’ve had a good year if most of these teams pan out.

South Carolina is going to be rebuilding IMO with the loss of Thornwell, Dozier and Notice. I also think Vandy will be down from what they became last year with the late year surge.

Missouri and A&M are going to make a big jump from what they were last year. I see the Hogs, UK, UF and A&M in the Top 4. The Aggies added a lot of firepower at guard to go with Williams and Davis down low.

I think A&M will be much better, too.

No one has mentioned Moo U. State was young last year as well as Auburn! I still think the hogs can compete for the SEC title next year! I hope Grease ball and Kentucky struggle and finish last!

Mizz St just lost 2 players to transfer. One of them was a productive starter and the other a 4* reserve.

The thing that’s probably the must absurd to me outside of them having Mizzou as a top 25 team is them having Vanderbilt as close to being a top 25 team. Vandy barely made the tournament last year and finished 19-16. They lose Luke Kornet and Cressler and their recruiting class is like #50. They still have Fisher-Davis, LaChance, and Roberson, but everybody knows Kornet was the catalyst of that team. I’m not sure how someone thinks “Hey, this team went 19-16, and lost their best player and bringing in a subpar recruiting class, I think they’ll be close to a top 25 team.” It’s amazing how people that are “experts”, do very little research and just throw stuff together. That guy may be the only person outside of Tennessee that thinks Vanderbilt will be close to a top 25 team next year.