USA Today (Dan Wolken) on Hogs and Kiffin


Will Arkansas (or anyone in the SEC) take a chance on Lane Kiffin?

I sure hope your right Clay. Kiffin is top followed by Leach and then Harsin. Whoever doesn’t get Kiffin will regret it in the years to come! I have always trusted you and still do!

I saw the link but not Clay’s statement. What is Clay’s stance?

A quick scan of Clay’s posts here over the last few days doesn’t provide any insight. Either the poster heard Clay say something on the radio, or he is simply mistaken…and/or just assuming what Clay is thinking.

His last sentence pretty much tells it like it is regarding Arkansas hiring Kiffin:

But if you’re Arkansas and you haven’t been relevant at all for most of this decade, what do you really have to lose?

That’s very true. We can’t go any lower.

"At Tennessee, his program’s aggressive recruiting tactics not only rankled his colleagues but also brushed up against the NCAA rulebook with impermissible phone calls and sending members of the recruiting hostess program out to visit high school players. (Kiffin wasn’t sanctioned individually by the NCAA.)
Saban booted him a week before the national title game in 2017. Though neither have really discussed the specifics, it was clear Saban wasn’t happy with Kiffin’s focus as he tried to finish the season with Alabama while also trying to put together a staff at Florida Atlantic. "

Not surprised that Saban booted him under the circumstances and the arrogance from both sides. LK found another job, he didn’t get booted for lack of producing. Egos clash most probably, but not from a coaching standpoint.
Then Bama lost.

And Kiffin’s job, FAU.

And there’s coaching candidates been mentioned from Memphis, Tulane, App St, Ar St & more lower tier programs who don’t have the previous background / coaching experience Kiffin does. So your point is?

It’s not just about x’s and 'o’s and w’s and l’s. He would be the face of the program. Not only representing the football program but the university and the state. Huge risk.

You shared your favorite quote. Here’s mine:

“Given what has happened at Arkansas the past few years, with the program on a 17-game SEC losing streak and getting beaten at home by the likes of San Jose State and Western Kentucky last season, there are few if any available coaches with the recruiting bona fides of Kiffin to turn over the roster quickly, get the attention of top prospects and infuse the program with SEC-level talent in a short period of time.”

Maybe the same thing Tennessee thought a few years back.

Maybe the same thing FAU thought 3 years back? :thinking:

It wasn’t like the Vols wanted him to take the bigger name Trojans.
You aren’t a slight Vol fan by any chance?