USA Today columnist: “Go home to Arkansas”

This columnist is a Vandy grad… not sure why he has a strong take on this situation, but he does.

“After five years in this roller coaster relationship that has seen him bring Auburn to the brink of a national championship — an achievement that only earned him about two years of goodwill before the hot seat talk started — here’s some advice for Malzahn. Go home.” … 916845001/

Sounds like an article written by Jimmy Sexton and given to that
Vandy grad to get published. Works as a good tool to help leverage
some money for Malzhan, either from Auburn or Arkansas.

The writer says Gus will be “embraced by the state” if he comes home. That (as we all know) is not correct. He’ll probably be embraced by a good portion of the state, worshiped by his loyal following, disliked by many and a good number will “wait and see” if he puts winning teams on the field.

Gus is in the drivers seat here. He was security in the form of a huge buyout and salary. He’ll get it from AU or the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

I’m fine with him staying on the plains. But if he comes here and wins…I’ll jump on the bus.

Dan is from Hot Springs.

I’ve never been a Gus fan. I haven’t wanted him here because he’d be divisive. On top of that, I haven’t cared for “Gus cult” that might have engineered a coup to get him. I’m afraid their influence is too driven by their own egos & not enough for love of the UA.

However, I’ve reconciled myself to the idea he’s our top target. I also recognize he’s proved himself to be a good coach who has succeeded at the highest levels of the NCAA. He has as much ability as anyone we could hire. That’s not to say he’d succeed. CBB had as good a resume as anyone when he was hired. And it’s not to say one of our second choices might not do as well. Too many long-shot hires have done great at many places.

But now I just want the decision to get made. I don’t know if we’re in a bidding war with Auburn or if one or the other or both have now given him their top offer & the ball is in his court. I’m betting he’ll stay at Auburn, but whatever happens, I’m ready to get it over with.