USA Today article on Sampson

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I had saw it mentioned and thought it was on rumor, but if Sampson does want his son named “Coach in Waiting” in any new deal I definitely do not want him.

From what I have read, that would not apply to our job. It has been suggested that he wanted Houston to guarantee him that in order for him to possibly stay there. I’m quite sure that Arkansas (and pretty much any other school) would never agree to anything that would name his son coach-in-waiting.

No University should enter into such an agreement with a Coach to be hired only if he can hand pick his successor. That’s a recipe for disaster and if this is the case I would hope that we move on to the next candidate immediately.

Go Hogs!

On the contrary, Wally says he thinks Arkansas offer to Sampson is $20m over 5 years and his son as coach-in-waiting. Wally is mean, but trust me he has contacts within BOT.

I don’t care what Wally says, I don’t think Arkansas would agree to that.

Kelvin Sampson is totally not worth $4 mil/yr! For all his 30+ years years coaching, he’s made it to the Final 4 exactly once!


Let’s hope Wally Hall is WRONG.

Uh, no