USA out of the 4x100 men

Really bad pass at the end of the second leg in the semifinal race led to a sixth place finish, and we don’t advance to the final.

That was a shock.

Meanwhile Ryan Crouser, UA volunteer assistant, has a solid lead in the shotput.

Read the other day in a UA press release that 3x3 hoops gold medalist Kelsey Plum was enrolled in grad school at UA while she was assisting Mike Neighbors last winter. So that’s a gold for a UA student, if not an ex-Hog. Crouser may be in school as well.

Ryan Crouser on USA Network is just now starting.

AND he set an Olympic record on his first throw. WOW.

(You will recall that he recently set the world record.)

  • 22.83M on his first throw (OR)
  • 22.93M on his second (another OR)
  • 22.86M
  • 22.74M
  • 22.54M
  • 22.30M

His world record, set at the US Olympic trials, is 23.37M

The Jamaicans (but not Omar McLeod) reeled in Grant Holloway in the last 20 meters to win the 110 hurdles. Holloway finished second, Hansle Parchment got gold, Jamaica also finished third.

Having already clinched gold, Crouser threw 23.30 on his final attempt. Second longest shot mark ever, only behind his own WR.

USA gold (Crouser) and silver (Kovacs) in the shotput.

That made me feel better after losing certain gold medals in Triple Jump with Will Claye and Holloway in the hurdles. I thought Florida Gators were going to have a great day today with Claye and Holloway.

After USA’s performance in the 2019 World Championships, USA was supposed to sweep 100 (Bromell), 200 (Lyles) 400 (Norman) and 800 (Brazier) and 4x100. Only 400 is left and Norman not looking that great. Brazier of course ran a stupid race in the Trials and did not make the team. Instead of a sweep, it looks like it will be a washout,

The guy from Portugal wiped out the field in the TJ. Wasn’t even close.

Yep. There have been some amazing personal bests set to take gold medals away from US.

In Triple Jump, Christian Taylor and Will Claye have won gold and silver in last 10 years at Olympics and Worlds. Taylor tore his ACL in June, so Claye was a big favorite,

Watching the women’s hepathlon and wishing Taliyah Brooks were in it. She was in striking range of making the team in Eugene until she passed out from the ridiculous heat and was eliminated from the competition.

Maybe she is better off not being there. Heat is even worse in Tokyo.

Meanwhile Carl Lewis ripped them a new one on Twitter. Basically he’s right. I’ve seen junior high relay teams that were a lot smoother than that.

Katie Nageotte won the Women’s Pole Vault. She took over the #1 American ranking from Sandi Morris this year and has been coming on strong. Hit top form at the right time. I had felt Sandi would not medal in this Olympics but had not expected the unfortunate injury she suffered.

Americans Michael Norman and Michael Cherry failed to medal in 400M to go from sweep to washout in sprints,

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