USA-Netherlands tomorrow 9 am CT

Here we go. Time to have two more tense hours. Round of 16 vs Netherlands.

The Dutch are one of the three favorites for the Cup., Looks like Pulisic will play, maybe for a half and Aaronson play the second. Jesus Ferreira will probably start for the other injured guy Josh Sargent.

In another tid-bit, defender Sergino Dest chose USA over Netherlands. With father from Brooklyn and mother from Holland, Sergino grew up in Amsterdam in the system of AFCAjax, the premier club in Netherlands. But when it came time to choose a national side, Coach Berhalter made a recruiting trip to Amsterdam and talked Sergino into playing for USMNT. Big game for him.

USA path to the Finals, Netherlands-Argentina-Brazil assuming form holds. Let’s Go!

I have to work tomorrow morning but I plan to watch on my phone as much as I can get away with.

Just saw this great quote from Iran manager, speaking in Portuguese about skill level of the US team. “uS has gone from being a soccer team to a football team”.

I just hope we don’t have letdown,

To the Iranian coach’s point, I found this from an article on today’s match in the New York Times,

Van Gaal praised the Americans for their cohesion under Berhalter. He noted that some teams advanced on the strength of the individual abilities of their players, while others, such as the United States, found strength in their unity and willingness to fight for their coach and teammates.

“What I have observed is a vision,” van Gaal said of the U.S. team. “What I see is a team that is keen to execute the vision. I see especially the conviction of the players, and that for a coach must be fantastic.”

Not a great start but a long way to go.

They’re big

US is doing a nice job of stringing together passes but can’t finish the job. Which has been a recurring theme.

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Huge mountain to climb here. We’re creating chances, but if you don’t finish… However, if you don’t create, you don’t have the opportunity to finish. Berhalter has not been making great halftime adjustments in this tournament; it’s time to start now.

Got a goal back on a fairly scruffy finish, but we’ll take it. Game on!

And five minutes later the Dutch score again. Oops

Not having a striker was always an issue in finishing. I was hoping this WC was a coming out party for Sargent as that striker. Unfortunately he was hurt.

Well, draw against England and getting to knockout phase are big accomplishments of this WC.

Yep, with a good #9 we might have won the group and progressed beyond this round.

Home field in 3.5 years, a lot more WC experience. I think quarterfinal is a very reasonable goal and possibly beyond.

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In the end, better team won. Most of these guys will be 24 to 28 in the next WC. Bright future. I hope this defeat does not deflate Interest in soccer in US

It hurts a bit, but will be more than offset by the Ted Lasso effect!

I feel like I’m pissing into the wind here, but I am of the strong opinion the UA is missing a great opportunity by not standing up a men’s soccer team. The UA can be a leader and not a follower in the SEC.
Despite previous claims, relatively speaking, the cost is minimal not prohibitive. The UA can also stand up a couple of inexpensive women’s programs to stay in compliance with Title IX. I think the UA has the fewest sports (19?) of any school in the SEC.
UA…Campus of Champions

Vandy has 16, headed for 17. Six for men (FB, hoops, XC, golf, tennis, baseball), 10 for women (hoops, XC, lacrosse, swimming, indoor/outdoor track, bowling, golf, soccer) and adding volleyball for 2025. In case you’re wondering, they play in the AAC for lacrosse and the Southland for bowling.

Moo U also has 16 with no plans to add more. OM is at 18.

I agree with you on men’s soccer but we’d need at least one women’s sport along with it. Equestrian would be my guess because it is an official SEC sport, but rowing is also a possibility. Either one has more scholarships than men’s soccer so would be a positive step Title IX-wise.

BTW, SEC schools that already have men’s soccer are South Carolina and Kentucky, which both play in the Sun Belt. Barring a sudden rush of SEC schools adding it, I would guess we would play in the AAC against the likes of SMU, Tulsa and Memphis. UCA has soccer and plays in the ASUN, by the way.

I agree. However, I think Title IX is the stumbling block in SEC schools fielding men’s soccer. But I am not sure why it is not a stumbling block for other conferences.

There are 208 D-I men’s soccer programs, so almost 60 percent of the total D-I membership.

Why was Pepi not on the roster for the WC. From my understanding he has a lot of potential and is a striker.