USA moves on. Barely


Christian Pulisic scored in the 38th minute (and took a knee in the family jewels for his trouble) and USMNT held on for the last 52 minutes (plus 10 minutes of stoppage time) for the 1-0 win over Iran to advance to the final 16 of the World Cup.

During stoppage time, Iran got the ball past USA keeper Matt Turner but Walker Zimmerman cleared the ball out of danger. Iran claimed that the shooter was fouled, and VAR took a look, but there was no penalty.

How bad was it? I could barely watch for the last 20 minutes. Pulisic had to come out with an “abdominal injury” (shot to the 'nads will do that) and we’ll have to see on his availability for Saturday’s match with the Netherlands.


That last Iranian opportunity was way too close for comfort.

The winner:

I don’t understand any of the soccer talk. I do understand winning 1-0 and a shot to the 'nads. Anyway, barely or not, I’m glad when we beat that barbaric nation in anything.


Well, a lot of matches end 1-0. I wouldn’t call it barely. But you are right about barely being able to watch, the last 30 minutes for me. Soccer tenses me up more than any other sport, because one mistake and that would be the match.

When they get a ball past your keeper with 90 seconds to go and the center back has to clear it off the line, followed by a VAR review? That’s barely.

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Glad to see Zimmerman play a role there. That erases his unfortunate foul against Wales.

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USA didn’t allow a goal from open play in the group stage; Wales got the PK and that was the only ball in the onion bag. First time we’ve ever had two straight shutouts in the WC.

And if Holland doesn’t score Saturday morning, they can’t win.

Really hope Pulisic can play though. They’re saying he was taken to the hospital for his testicular trauma.

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That is a big worry.

I just knew they were gonna award some awful Pen in the 89’. The Ref held strong and didn’t award the Eeee Ron ian flopping.

The US looks really good at setting up scoring opportunities in the final third…just have a hard time connecting. Winning with defense is great but to move in the knockout rounds scoring goals will be crucial. Hopefully it will be like in baseball coming out of a hitting slump and they will breakout with goals galore!

On the other hand, four more 1-0 games and we get a really cool trophy. But yes, better finishing would be nice.

For whatever reason, for the past 10 years, we have had trouble scoring goals. Have not had the #9, the striker that best teams have.

ESPN reporting the hospital trip for Pulisic was for a scan. I feel slightly better, unless the scan uncovers something seriously amiss.

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Now the Iranian players go hone and face the prospect of being jailed for refusing to sing the national anthem in protest of plight of women in Iran. FIFA has appealed to Iranian regime to not do anything,

The USA was inches away from a goal late in first half. Offsides by inches. I guess it was but oh so close. The more I see Weston McKinnie the more I like him.

He is a good one. On the headers, Weston seems to have Ricky Council type of vertical. Amazing how high he can get.

Timing was absolutely perfect on the goal play or would have been offsides.

They should have reviewed the offsides call on the disallowed U.S. goal. Thanks, FIFA.

Stoppage time seemed to stand still.

I’m sure it’s happened more than once, but advancing after scoring just 2 goals in group play (and giving up just 1) is quite a feat IMO

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