USA drawn into Group B of the World Cup

Where the top seed is England. Other than the host Qatar, probably the best top seed we could have gotten (and you might not want to play the hosts at home). Remaining two teams in Group B have not been drawn. IIRC, Group B is one of the first groups to start playing in late November.

Mexico is in Group C with Argentina. Both the USA and Mexico were slotted into spot 3 in their group, which will affect the scheduling of matches within the group (spot 2 and spot 3 will play their final match against each other).

Germany got put in Group E with Spain. Group E is now well on its way to group of death status.

Iran was drawn in group A but can’t play in that group because Qatar (another Asian confederation member) is the top seed, so they were moved into group B with the USA. Iran will open group play against England and will finish against the USA.

If Costa Rica wins its playoff match, it goes into Group E and will play Spain in the first match. Otherwise New Zealand plays Spain.

Fourth team in Group B is the European playoff survivor: Wales, Ukraine or Scotland. That team will play the USA in the first match. The European playoff is scheduled to take place in June.

And Canada was the last team drawn into Group F. They will play Belgium in the first match.

USA will play Nov. 21 (Monday vs. playoff winner), Nov. 25 (Black Friday vs. England) and Nov. 29 (Tuesday vs. Iran). Game times to be determined. Qatar is 8 hours ahead of Arkansas time so I’m pretty sure the England match wouldn’t conflict with the Misery football game, assuming we wind up on Black Friday again.

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I like our draw, no one in our group scares me, we match up well with England.

I agree. And England has never beaten us at the WC (1-0-1 record). So a little history going for us.

The schedule is a little weird because FIFA isn’t requiring clubs to release players for the World Cup until like a week in advance of the first game, and Nov. 21 is the opening day of the tournament. But whoever comes out of the Euro playoffs will be in the same boat. Our MLS players will all be free before then, though; the MLS championship game is November 5.

If Wales comes out the playoff, that will make it a lot tougher group. Wales is ranked #19 and that will put three Top 20 teams in our group.

We got it lot easier than Mexico though. El Tri is in the same group as Argentina and Poland. If there is a group of death, that is it.

Canada also has it tough with Belgium and Croatia in that group.

Let’s get ready to rumble.

Game times have been released. USA-England on Black Friday will start at 1 pm Central on Black Friday (9 pm Qatar time, 7 pm London time). So there will be considerable overlap assuming the normal 1:30 pm Friday start of the Misery game on CBS.

I saw something this morning that if there is a group of death, we’re in it, especially if Wales advances. Wales and Ukraine are both ranked high enough to be Pot 3, but were put in 4 because of the delayed playoff structure. Only Scotland would be a Pot 4 team.

just got back from a conference in Mexico, the populus not happy and has zero manager loyalty or confidence. Given track record vs us, I hope he stays. I love our draw and hope for a lot wellness and that we return to respectability lost in 2017. I don’t want Ukraine more than Wales due to the obvious reasons, but not a lot of US fandom likely in Qatar.

If our rag tag, thrown together 1950 side could beat them, so can this bunch!

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