USA baseball moves into gold medal game

Beat South Korea 7-2 this morning. Gold medal game on Saturday against Japan, who will be throwing ex-Yankee Masahiro Tanaka.

Korea has lost its last two games in spite of a powerful incentive – if they win a medal, they avoid Korea’s compulsory military service, and the Korean military is not a fun place to be. One more chance, though; they play the Dominican Republic in the bronze medal game.

Until this morning, I did not realize that there was a repechage (basically a losers bracket) in Olympic baseball play. I was aware that it was used in rowing and other events.

And they had Japan beat in the first game of knockout stage until a ninth inning rally by Japan.

Men’s Basketball also reached gold medal game for a rematch with France. For whatever reason, our three point shooting still has not made it to Tokyo.

It is really a double elimination like we do in college baseball playoffs,

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Indeed. I was not surprised that players were put on base in extra innings. I was surprised that two runners began the 10th. Then team USA failed to get a run in the 10th, while Japan played a beautiful game of small ball.

The extra inning rule in Olympics. They don’t want game to go on and on. I believe our softball team lost the gold medal game that way,

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