USA 1, Jamaica 1 final

World Cup qualifying at Kingston, Jamaica. USA got a goal in the 11th minute from Timothy Weah, Jamaica equalized in the 22nd minute on a long strike, nobody else scored. Although Jamaica had a goal called back late in the game after their guy jumped through Walker Zimmerman to get a header.

Would have preferred full points, but in CONCACAF a point on the road is nothing to sneeze at. USA temporarily tops the WCQ standings with 15 points pending the result of Mexico at Canada later tonight; a draw in Edmonton would be quite nice for our purposes. Six matches remaining, three road and three home. It should take about 23 points to qualify so win the three home matches and we’re good.

Good take on what’s needed. I thought this was one road game that was very winnable. Jamaica has nice talent, but I thought they had checked out,

Unless El Tri and Canadians draw tonight, USA will not be in first place.

Panama won at home tonight as expected. Canada leads El Tri 1-0 at the half.

Dos a Cero right now

Canada wins 2-1. Mexico almost tied it.

a point is a point and our result was same as Canada in Jamaica.The Paramount Plus crew (CBSsports) was unanimous that the Reggae boys goal should have been good as was a FIFA review official. The Jamica dude got up first and much higher than Walker and did not fully extend his arm which is the principal determinant for calling a foul on a corner. No VAR was fortuitous, and we also had a hand ball/ chicken wing ball in the box which was not called because if the had not hit the in tight to body chicken wing then it would have hit our chest. Odd explanation. Very SEC/NFL reffing vagaries that defy logic.

We just used up all our reffing luck in all likelihood. El Tri has 3 big matches left at home in the last half. The Edmonton environ was 17 deg F with 10-20 mph winds and Canada lucked out with no VAR because the conclusion in game was the last Mexican shot on goal did not fully cross the line, for what the goal assistant could see thru traffic. ???

Lots of bad memories about to be brought out in the media with lots of headlines to generate clicks. Lots of assumptions about momentum. Weston McKinnie was badly needed for spark and fire. I think it will also become clear how much Gio Reyna can mean when he returns. Berhalter subs were mystifying again.

Weah is the effort and ability star for the team right now and why Berhalter took Weah out for Pulisic is being questioned mucho. Antunee (Joisy accent focus) Robinson was mostly a liability that can hopefully be overcome, so now we move on to rest and rehab and learning to get to Quatar with a margin for error beyond bad reffing. I like the Paramount Plus crew much bettter than Universo or Fox Sports.

I read this morning that CONCACAF is going to add VAR for the rest of WCQ. Which seems like a strange time to add it, but whatever. I agree that we probably caught a break on the no-goal last night (I watched on Spanish broadcast in my hotel room so I have no idea what those announcers said).

I was looking at the schedule the rest of the way. Canada only has two home matches left. One of those is the USA in February (which will probably be played in Edmonton or the North Pole or somewhere in two feet of snow). USA has three at home. Canada has gotten a draw in every match on the road. Even if they continue that, USA can catch them with an extra home win.

And I bet the Mexican media is all over Tata this morning. Cero points out of this window is not what they had in mind.

I did not get Paramount+ susbscription. So thanks for the analysis.

I did see the highlights. And yes, we did luck out by getting out of Kingston with a point. As far as Pulisic subbing Weah, I am assuming Weah wasn’t looking tired, otherwise you would have mentioned it.

As far as the controversy about the Mexico non-goal, to me on the highlights the ball did not cross the line. The goalkeeper seemed to have got his hands the ball just in time. Good to see Swine posting about VAR coming next.

Also next, when we go at it again, we should have Pulisic full time, McKennie back and hope he controls himself. His yellow card was as foolish as Zack Steffen rushing in all the way from the goal to get his yellow. And hopefully Reyna is back.

And as I mentioned before, the back line is still a liability. Need to find our Sergio Ramos. Zimmerman is looking better and better.

Analysis I read this morning said the whole team looked gassed in the second half. Humidity in Jamaica, etc. To my own untrained eye, they were much more energetic in the first half.

I have not seen any of the CAN-MEX highlights (started too late for me in Eastern time) but the Canadian fans on Twitter were absolutely delirious.

On further digging, Andres Cantor, calling the CAN-MEX match in Spanish, said on the air that VAR was being added for the rest of WCQ. Apparently the excuse is that only three of the 8 nations in the Octagonal have VAR systems in place, but they have 2.5 months to get something set up before the next window in late January.

This is the first time, Canada scored more than one goal against Mexico.

BTW, what a job John Herdman has done with Canadian football. Has anyone managed the women’s team and then the men’s team of the same nation and was successful with both? He also managed New Zealand wonen’s team.

Since VAR is slowly becoming common place, it is time the sport of soccer implements an official clock instead of referee keeping the tine. Time to stop ref giving a team one last chance to see if they can score,

Would love to see some buzzer beater goals.

Yeah Herdman has done a great job. He has some talent too, which helps, but certainly he’s got them well organized and believing.

Right now the only question is who finishes fourth and goes into the intercontinental playoff. Any of the top four would really have to go into the tank to blow a six-point (or more) lead over Costa Rica with six matches left.

I agree but don’t hold your breath on that.

Hope Panama is the fourth one. I think USA, Mexico and Canada will represent CONCACAF well.

And to that end, Panama has:

At Costa Rica
At Mexico

That will make it tough with Azteca and USA in the last four and Herdman’s draw machine at home. Everybody thinks it will take 24 points to advance and Panama would need 10 points out of those last six to get there.

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