Us vs Valencia

I did the “” thing, searched for Arkansas vs. Valencia and saw nothing on the schedule. What am I doing wrong?

It’s not on ESPN+. It’s on, which is $29.95 per month. I’m not paying it, but I hear you can cancel and keep the damage to $30.

I just discovered my TV has the FloSports app. Still doesnt mean I’m shelling out $30, but your TV may also have it (I have a Samsung).

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Thanks, I thought that was the case, but I guess I misread the article this morning that made it sound like it was in ESPN+ (via watchespn)

I know the games are supposed to be archived on FloSports so that people can watch the games on replay, but I wonder if those replays will make their way to Hogs+ at some point (maybe in a few weeks).

I have the time availability to watch the games but have also opted not to purchase FloSports again after the baseball experience in 2021.

Swine, you are too tight! I can hear Randy Moss saying “Come on Man”!

LOL. I’m taking into account the problems that people had with the baseball stream from Flo last year. Not gonna pay that much for an unwatchable video feed.

Besides, I’m supposed to be working at all of those times except Saturday.

From the story on the front page today:

Arkansas’ exhibition basketball games in Spain and Italy will be available for viewing via a subscription to FloSports. The subscription to watch the four games will be $29.99, according to a news release.

Games will be streamed live on and archived to watch on demand on the website or app. Brett Dolan and Matt Zimmerman will call the games remotely.

My sub was $32.91 after taxes.

I’ll advise on the video quality - can’t wait to see!

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Scottie, do you know if Nick is playing today?

I still can’t walk or drive yet, but if someone wants go grab some wings and bring them over I’ll get Flo. Or just bring me some wings… either way is fine.


I’ve asked and haven’t heard back just yet. Personally, I’d be a bit surprised if he didn’t play.

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Mine was $32.84. taxes must be higher in NW Arkansas than Central Arkansas. :grinning:

What little I’ve seen on Flo sports has been nice and clear. I hope that holds up on the Europe transmissions.

By the way, I don’t know how Flo Sports is going to make it in the long run with their rates vs what they are covering. I have no interest in anything in their menu except these 4 Razorback games. They were showing live some dirt race track in Alaska that had just 5 cars racing in it?

Game is at 12:30, right?

Yes. Valencia is 7 hours ahead of us. I just turned it on in case the 12:30 was Eastern time. It shows as 12:30 on my Flosports screen so it appears it’s definitely Central time.

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Just bought it. Go Hogs!


Guys where do you log in on their website? I’ve subscribed but only see link to Sign up.

As expected the video is awful

Go here, FloSports

sign up and choose the $12.50 plan NOT the $7.50 plan-they charge you for the full year. The $12.50 will allow you to cancel and just pay $12.50 plus tax- that’s it.

Hope that helps and save that money!

It is clear as a bell for me.

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