US Open.

Phil gets a 2 shot penalty for hitting a moving ball on the 13th green! It amazes me to know a golfer would do anything to knowingly break the rules! He did get a 10 on the hole but what could it have been!

golf course is a joke! when you see the best players in the world shooting 80 or worse you know its set up to tough.

Phil could and should have been disqualified for that intentional violation of the rules. Of course I’ve never liked him. He’s always struck me as a complete phony. Doesn’t matter that his agent is a former Hog golf coach, who I actually like; got to know him a bit while he was at UA.

Very true, I know a couple of touring pro’s that played in the late nineties and early 2000’s and the things they say about Phil can’t be written on this board…