US Open - 1st round

It’s very early, but David Lingmerth has finished and is tied for first with Rory and Callum Tarren. They are all at 3 under (67).

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I hadn’t seen Lingmerth’s name for a while and wasn’t sure he was even still on Tour. It appears his best finish this year was T-16 in Puerto Rico in March.

Joel Dahmen is also in that first-place tie. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Dahmen or Tarren.

Phil now five over after six. He appears to be just LIV-id over his poor performance. :slight_smile:


That would be Phil “This space for rent to anyone regardless of human rights record” Mickelson.

Yup. That’s him.

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I did hear the commentators say that Lingmerth and Tarren are qualifiers.

Have no doubt the LIV controversy is impacting Phil.

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I agree. But it’s hard for me to feel sorry for him.

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US Open is not Phil’s cup of tea. He has not hit it straight for a bit. He goes for length. Others do, too. But the other majors fit him better.


A final pairing on Sunday of one of the PGA top guys and DJ or Reed would send the golf chattering class in to quite the tizzy.

Phil is 52 and has blown the US Open a few times. You only get a limited number of tries to win a major. Phil as one of my favorite players and has done a lot for the game. He made a huge fortune off the PGA tour and his name. Then he turned his back on his tour for more money. Pathetic and sad. He knows he made the wrong choice. You can see it in his demeanor.

No doubt about it, and why he showed up looking like a hobo, have no clue but it ain’t working for him and neither is his game…He will never live this down, totally ruined his legacy.for a guy who tries to be so intellectually superior in his talking in interviews do something like that is beyond me.

Phil had a very bad combination yesterday. Couldn’t hit it straight off the tee or on the green; he putted horribly. And I did notice a distinct absence of the normal boisterous support from the gallery, which LIV may have impacted.

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