us and Aggies are doing it best

at least in making crowd noise, I suspect with Kyle expansion that they have probably passed us due to physics alone. We make the noise and fan effort is topping coaching and player accomplishments: … -the-world

The loudest stadiums in college football:

Kyle Field (Texas A&M Aggies)
Highest Recorded Decibel Level: 117

Razorback Stadium (Arkansas Razorbacks)
Highest Recorded Decibel Level: 117

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Florida Gators)
Highest Recorded Decibel Level: 115

Neyland Stadium (Tennessee Volunteers)
Highest Recorded Decibel Level: 114

Michigan Stadium (Michigan Wolverines)
Highest Recorded Decibel Level: 110

Source: Sports Illustrated

Actually I was looking for noise at the NFL level being a Saint fan (we got to 128 dB last week) and knew that Seattle was probably going to top us (which they do) but was really surprised by that Chiefs level (sorry Marty and other Chief fans). Anyway congrats to our fans when they kick it in and make the noise.

Razorback Stadium hasn’t been full yet with the expansion. I bet noise level goes up when it is full. Just win baby.

Kansas City and Seattle are both incredibly loud for outdoor stadiums, I’ve been in both during showdown type games. I still think the Superdome is the loudest stadium I’ve been in. All the domes seem louder to me, the noise just echoes and never leaves.

Remember that Seattle has a canopy over both sidelines to keep that Seattle moisture off the fans. Which conveniently also serves to reflect the crowd noise down toward the field just like a dome. That’s not why they put the canopy in place, but it works very well.

I made a comment back in 13 about DWRRS and Arrowhead. I sat at the top of both stadiums. I was disappointed with the volume at Fayetteville. It was almost like no energy got to the Top. At Arrowhead, it was loud enough at the top of the stadium to shut off my hearing aides. At a certain decibel it shuts them off to protect what little hearing I have left. Was a HUGE difference.

The Aggie cheerleaders hit 112 when they get to follow the collie around in the park with a baggie.