Urban Meyer retiring after bowl game

to me, he has been a puzzle over the years but did have success W-L wise.


Yeah, this time it looks Final

He needs too! looked like death warmed over on the sideline.

He has looked uncomfortable on the sideline all year. Reports are that a cyst on his brain has caused headaches and severe discomfort.

He is 54, basically the same age Bob Stoops was when he retired a couple of years ago. I think you’re going to see this a lot more in the college game. Coaches, especially head coaches, are compensated so well that they have the opportunity to have a long retirement, and they don’t have to recruit anymore.

It makes sense. The high pressure of the college game on coaches who are making tons of money may result in more health issues. It would be smart to make your money, save it to live off of it for the rest of your life and, if you miss coaching, become the best blue-light special for some high school.