Urban Meyer put on administrative leave

KATV just had a report that Ohio State has put Meyer on paid administrative leave as it investigates how much he knew about an assistant coach charged with domestic abuse apparently in 2015 and had a history of such going back to 2009 i think they said…gonna be interesting.

If Brett McMurphy’s report this morning is true - and I have no reason to believe it is fabricated - then Meyer is going to have a hard time keeping his job, or Ohio State is going to have a hard time justifying why he didn’t lose his job. The evidence that has been made public looks damning for Meyer. I can’t imagine he is going to make out well in the court of public opinion regardless of what is discovered during the university’s investigation.

Win a NC beating Bama and all will be forgotten. Loose to MI and that will be the excuse they need.

All Universities are mecas for liberals, but at OSU, winning is more important.

I don’t think he’s going to make it to the Michigan game this year, Jim. I think he’s toast just as much as Rick Pitino was when Louisville did the same thing to him.

I hope it’s not a liberal/conservative thing to expect that a highly paid public official (which is what a head coach is at a State University) not protect one of his buddies who has a history of domestic violence.

Hope you are right, but I am very cynical when it comes to this.

Liberal etc. - Perhaps. I work in and around the systems. Many are ashamed to have a winning program, but at a place like OSU, the winning and $ assoiated override that. Still, give them excuse and they will pounce. It will be a fight. Remember BP here. Don’t want to refight that one, but you still hear people saying he should have stayed becasue he won. I hopped he would stay, but then I did not know all the sins. After a couple of very knowledgeable folks told me, I said goodby. (I was however correct about the Liberty Bowl looking good - looks real good this yr.)

We have a lady teaching skiing that works out of our Pod at Vail. She teachs law, grew up in NYC and is Yale/Harvard educated. She did not know what a football was or cared until she got to OSU. Now it is a big topic of conversation. (OT - Funny, come from about as different backgrounds as is possible and both be from the USA, but we are very close friends now. I really enjoy talking with her and she seems fascinated by my upbringing and Arkansas).

I think he’s gone. Administrative leave typically gives both parties an opportunity to determine how to part ways.

look at MSU…Izzo and their football coach had the same allegations, same public outrage a few months ago, now nothing.

Look at the FBI stuff on NCAA basketball…

Look at Cam Newton…

Look at Bayor, Ole Mrs, or any other blatat cheaters, there is always minmal punishment, and every school that blatantly cheats and is blatantly busted ends up doing great.

How about ohio state’s players prior to the sugar bowl with us, what a joke!

I will be shocked if ANYTHING happens to Urban Meyer (Keith Hernandez, what? coed misconduct, what?) just as I will be shocked if the FBI-NCAA basketball does anything.

Bruce Pearl is still choaching wih no problems, for crying out loud!


But, but. I see that the Offensive Coordinator has been upgraded to interim HC. Wasn’t he the boss of the WR coach who is under concern?

At its core the FBI investigation is basically about NCAA rules which is why a lot of people questioned why they should be investigating. What Urban Meyer is accused of doing is violating Title IX which is a federal law. Violations of Title IX can cost Ohio State literally millions of federal dollars. I would venture to say in this economy no large State University could remain in business if it lost Federal funding. Thus if Ohio State were to play hardball and lose they could literally be forced to close their doors. No football coach is worth shutting down the entire University. Which is why Baylor had to run Art Briles off.
By the way if Shelley Meyer did not report what she heard to her husband or anything else she is also potentially in violation of Title IX since she is on the Ohio State faculty.
Generally when a college coach is put on administrative leave, that’s a code word for “we’re negotiating how we’re going to get rid of him”.
The Michigan State situation is far from over. They’re all kinds of lawsuits in which there will be embarrassing testimony for the University and who knows which administrators or coaches will get caught up in it

Rachel Barbeau and the SEC network were all near unanimously convinced that given what is “factual” on public records is enough to end Urban’s OSU days. The tweets and vids are really damning and if Urban knew all that then he acted foolishly to hope it could be swept under the rug. Apparently Earl Bruce instilled a stubborn loyalness in Urban and he carries it with him even in decisions like this to hire a coach with known issues. I’ve known lots of Buckeyes, most are great people intensely attached to their school with great pride obvious. Ohio State reputation is big and bigger than Urban. Ought to be more than a little interesting to watch and will dominate media CFB coverage if Urban is left. It has been weeks brewing and I initially thought it was a blowover topic, wrong.

Read this article from today’s Columbus Dispatch.

http://www.dispatch.com/sports/20180801 … rban-meyer

Things don’t look good for Urban.

There is no way UM will be fired at Ohio Skate (maybe a few game suspension)… he could boil the mascot in oil at halftime and not get fired.

I think Gene Smith will do the right thing, and if he doesn’t the school president will do it for him. University can’t afford the PR hit of having an enabler of wife-beaters as its most prominent employee. As deep as Baylor had gone all-in on Briles, even they eventually figured that out.

Looks awfully bad for Urban. Given what happened at Penn St, it’ll be awfully hard for OSU to let this go.

Now–if we could only find something on Nick Saban.

I’m much less confident that Alabummer would do the right thing than I am with tOSU. They did fire Wimp Sanderson for hitting his secretary, but he was just a basketball coach, not a demigod. Axed Mike Price before he ever coached a game for cavorting with strippers, but Price doesn’t have a statue.

Saban is untouchable at Alabama. The only sin they’d fire him for is going 8-4 about 2-3 years straight.

Especially if one of those four comes after Thanksgiving each year.