Urban Meyer much sicker than obvious

Not my field, but how a brain cyst leaks because of coaching pressure is fascinating. If true then he really has a major medical problem. Guess that eliminates the Browns from being in contention for Urban Meyer. Gotta check the facts but Chris Carter has a great take on how sick Urban really is:


lots of dominoes linked to what happens at tOSU as this unfolds. I don’t see much impact for us because we are so far from that portion of the collegiate football realm

Watching him on the sidelines against Michigan a few weeks ago, he looked bad. Kept holding his head. I wondered if something was going on.

I AM NOT trying to be rude.

The actions were 1) Hand on forehead

  1. Leaning over with hands, both actually.

  2. The with is right hand grabbing, scratching the #1 area. His slacks were over sized and he kept doing those 3 things.

Below the belt around the zipper to explain my self. HE HAD to know he was on NTV scratching his privates. Long way from the forehead. Any doctors undedrstand , for informed insiders make that out?

LOOK---- Not a UM fan buy Pain I do not wish on anybody. Serious Pain or illness.