Urban Meyer at LRTD

He volunteered how much he admired Coach Broyles. Said it several times unprompted. Finally Bazzel asked him about our current situation & how easy it’d be to pull out of it. He said he always thought of Arkansas as a 10-win program & how he remembered it as one of the perennial greats when he was growing up. He said he doesn’t really know Chad Morris, but said the key is of course recruiting.

He also said he looked at a couple of games when predicting who’d win & one of the most important is the team’s health. Who is banged up & not able to play. He also said preparation is the key. He said a team can’t be ready on game day if it hasn’t been preparing the week before. He said he picked Fla over Auburn because Fla played Towson the week before & had two weeks to prepare. (He didn’t use coachspeak about 1 game at a time, he said UF was getting ready for Auburn the week before it played Towson.) He then said that tough game against Aub would make it much harder for Fla to win at LSU this week.

He acknowledged a team can beat a tough opponent the week after beating/playing a tough opponent, but that it’s much harder.

It made me think of our SJS game. They had two weeks to prepare for us. I have an idea our team wasn’t concentrating on SJS. Could explain why we almost won against A&M.

Of course, both us & UK have 2 weeks to prepare for each other.

He recounted a funny story about Lou Holtz. Meyer coached one year under Holtz at ND before taking the Bowling Green job. He said he didn’t really want it for a number of reasons. He called Holtz to tell him he wasn’t going to take the BG job. Holtz raked him over the coals for that. Meyer told Holtz it just wasn’t a good job. Holtz said, “Of course it’s not a good job. If it were, they wouldn’t be offering it to you.” Meyer took the job.


When it came time for questions from the audience, did anyone ask Coach Meyer why in the world would any parent name their kid “Urban”? He must have been a city boy.

There were no questions from the audience. That’s been the case for most speakers this year. They’ve changed the format a bit. In the past the speakers gave a talk from the podium. This year it’s been a Q&A format between David Bazzel & the guest.

(I wanted to ask if his kids were called Sub-Urbans.)


Added to the list of Lou stories, good one.:sunglasses:

Word on SDS is that Urban was very unprepared. Is that true from anyone that was there?

He may be the least admired guest they’ve ever had.

Meyer apparently is from a Catholic family; he attended a Catholic high school in Ohio. As I understand it (I’m not Catholic), canon law encourages parents to give their children a Christian name, meaning either one from the Bible or the name of a saint. There is a Saint Urban, and there were also eight Pope Urbans, the first one of which is also Saint Urban.

Swine…you are an encyclopedia of information. Who knew? Urban is a name of a former pope or a saint? Where did you find that? Google. Amazing.

This Urban ain’t no saint.

I already knew there had been a couple of Pope Urbans; Google filled me in on the other six.

I was there. I did not get that impression. A common format this year is that Bazzel does a Q & A with the guest. There is no “prepared speech.” I’ve never been one of his admirers, but I enjoyed the presentation. The people around me seemed to, as well.