Upon reflexion

I , like everyone else,was shocked and infuriated about what happened yesterday. I called for CCM to be fired. But upon reflexion,that would not be a wise move at this point. Keep in mind that CCM inherited this train wreck from the slob . CCM has only really had one recruiting class. For fiscal reasons and the programs stability, CCM needs at the very least one more season to turn things around. Having said this, if significant imovement is not made by the end of season three, then other coaching options need to be explored.

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I still haven’t given up on this season.

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I tend to agree with you, but I have one small caveat. If after last night, the team appears to be regressing and not progressing, I think he should be invited to pursue other avenues of employment. Just watched the game again, it was bad (a loss), but just like with Ole Miss, we left some major points on the field (31 left against Ole Miss, 23/27 against SJS). This team looks so much better to me than last year’s. JMO

It’s about wins and losses. I agree we look a bit better than last year. But defense is still getting shredded and the offensive line still can’t block anybody. Our best offensive lineman is a true freshman we offered at almost the last minute. Again not all CCM’s fault. Give him a bit more time.

i agree he needs more time. obvious it will take a long time to get us to mediocre. I question however, the staff. How loyal is he to these graduate assistant coaches? How married is he to Chavis and staff?
Does he have the coaching relationships to bring in some tough get results coaches.

and if you give him more time, it needs to be at least 2 more years. we add notre dame next year, so if we go 3 years without an sec win, 3 wins next year, they will be flying banners over the stadium again.

At some point this will hurt recruiting. This year, who knows. and even though our recruiting we thought was good last year, and at wide out it was very good, obvious, we are still near the bottom rung of the ladder as far as our sec counterparts are concerned.

I agree with this. People were/are posting being emotional after the awful mess last night. CCM isn’t going anywhere this year and needs to coach some better judgment into his starting QB to learn from. Our DC will need to go after this year…my LSU friends were correct I. That he’s overated.
Let the man build up the roster more and see what he can do with better players. This staff CAN recruit which is how we will dig ourselves out of this hole.

CCM’s not completely blameless here. There was coaches on the sideline arguing with each other. Staff is odviously not on the same page. CCM needs to address this asap. And at the end of the seas on HY needs to have a serious discs sion with the entire coaching staff about the problems and direction the team is heading. HY needs to light a fire under CCM. For his on good and the teams.

He needs to win games. He should not be fired now, that happens at the end of the season. 4-8 or less and he needs to be let go. Several of his most ardent defenders said they expected 5-7 or 6-6 this season or else. Now that 5-7 is a pipe dream I expect their opinions will be revised and they will defend this mess until the bitter end. The damage being inflicted upon Razorback football will be irreparable if this is allowed to continue for another season.

Pre season I picked us 4-8 and 0-8 SEC. said I believe next year would be 6-6 and 2-6 in the SEC (yes I picked us to beat Notre Lame, like us they tend to play to the level of competition). Obviously, to get to 4-8 now, we have to be at least 1-7 in the SEC. I still think it’s possible, but last night didn’t help.

However, I think most, if not all will be demanding he is fired in this scenario, thought it before the season, think more so now. Also, think we end up with Gus (and he gets whatever he wants) and uses the guys Morris brought in to win big early and everyone forgives him and his part in our fall. Then he makes us worse than Bret did, but stays here because many will consider him “The Savior of the Program.”

Unfortunately…we are stuck with Morris for reasons beyond the performance of the team. Unless you hire a replacement that is ultra successful in their first season, you won’t be able to hire anyone beyond the next coach. The SEC West is a death trap for proving your worth as a coach, and requires much more than an up and coming unproven hopeful. A new coach at this juncture would require a green carpet of $$ to a guy already proven, but not SEC verified. Just look at our next opponent, they won’t compete for a division title anytime before we will make a bowl game. Since Boyle’s last season as HC, we’ve only had one successor leave this school for greater things (Holtz) and everyone else has seen their career slowly die after their departure. The answer to this dilemma…be more like Vandy in supporting athletics in general, or pony up and hire a difference maker.

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A distinct possibility.

With no intent to defend Bret or to dogpile Chad, but it was this staff’s duty to have this team ready on Saturday evening. We had sufficient talent to win the game. It would seem to me, constant reference back to Bret is neither productive nor fully accurate. Chad will either succeed or fail, but more is within his control than should be blamed on prior regimes.

This week will tell us a lot methinks…Jimbo smacking his lips and looking to Run It Up after the loss at Home to Gus and Auburn.

Keith, I think it’s kind of a double edged sword.

Bret left talent at a historical low for our program. He also had players with bad attitudes. So Morris has to overcome both those issues. He has started getting better talent (yes our talent is better than SJS but we are also young), and some of the attitude about work ethic is still there.

Case and point, no one looked at SJS as a legitimate contender, but they were. If we had focused on the game, instead of waiting until the 4th qtr to say, maybe we need to play, we would have steam rolled them. Plus we left at least 24 points on the field, while not really trying.

Problem is, IMHO, this is the third game I’ve seen poor attitudes from some of the players. Also, saw it from some of the coaches. That is all on Morris, he should be addressing it, and not just with the players.

Sure we left points on the field because of mainly poor QB play, but not to forget San Jose had 500 yards in Total offense. Does not bode well going into Jerry’s World to face an upset Jimbo who was not happy at all w last year’s 24-17 score. If CCM can keep this even close, well maybe we can improve and win another game or two.

Yup…last year can be on CBB…it’s all CCM now. :sunglasses:

Here is my thing on this, not trying to spread Kool-Aid, but…

Last week, I expected the SJS score to be a lot closer than others thought, and it to put everyone in panic mode. I assumed SJS would give us their best shot, and we’d be looking ahead early. I was right on all three things. However, I did expect us to win. We really didn’t show up until the 4th qtr.

I’ve always expected to lose a close game to aTm, few reasons why, 1. Starkel wants to beat aTm and show them they made a mistake by replacing him. 2. The team seems to respect Starkel, so they’ll want to win for him. 3. aTm will be coming off an emotional loss to AUB that basically eliminated them from the college football playoffs. They’ll be down early.

I figure we will start off fast like SJS did to us, but are we good enough to hold them off? I don’t think we are there, yet, but, I also think this game shows we can play with anyone and it changes the attitude of the team. We will see.

You can blame the previous staff all you want if that makes you feel better, but losing to San Jose St and struggling against Colorado St is not a talent thing.

Hope your right…I think Jimbo runs it up…max out! :sunglasses:

Without Devine intervention it’s over, I say one more win at best. But I hope your right ! WPS