Isn’t “Upheaval” a bit overblown when there’s two returning All-SEC guys in the Line?

Some musical chairs maybe but it doesn’t appear that we’re relying on O-Linemen who were high-schoolers just 3 months ago.

“Upheaval” is too strong of a word…“untested”; “uncertain” are probably a little more appropriate… Line is one area where CBB excels in coaching up!!! we’ll be fine!

I thought the same thing when I read the headline this morning. I sometimes wonder if interns write those rather than editors. For someone that gets paid to use words, it’s really an inexcusable mistake.

When I read the headline I went “Oh no! What has happened? Did some players get kicked off the team yesterday or something?” Seriously BAD headline writing!

Thought the very same thing. Guess that might be the journalism background?