Updates on Ty Clary and 2018 TE Luke Ford

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Richard, if Ty Clary and Gabe Richardson blue shirt, that counts against the 2018 class, right? So, does that will mean only 23 can be signed next year? How wise is it to rob Peter to pay Paul?

Yes. If you really want the kids then it’s not robbing Peter to pay Paul.


I would think it could also be a little bit of a philosophy change by CBB after our last 2 football games. He was in a 4-year “build it right for staying power” mode (rightfully so, I think). He may now be in a “it’s time to win now” mode.

I certainly believe there is more of a sense of urgency now

Those who have been wanting them to grab another in-state kid should be happy with Clary,

He wants to be a Razorback and agreed to go this route instead of signing on signing day with the offers that he does have