Updates on Softball from Mexico

I haven’t seen them. I thought they played over the weekend.

I think they won three out of four… Lost to Washington 3-2 beat North Dakota State, Sacramento State, and Northern Colorado

Thanks Navy. I just didn’t see it anywhere.

That is correct. Record is now 7-1. U-Dub, which is ranked fifth in the country, got two runs off Mary Haff in the bottom of the seventh to win 3-2. We got 10 hits in the game but could only scratch out two runs. Updated national rankings aren’t out yet; we were 11th and 12th in the three rankings prior to the Mexico trip.

They accomplished a pretty good feat scoring 2 late against bat Haff. Sounds like a good trip. Close games help teams grow.

Hogs remained 12th in the coaches poll this week. But, as usual, there are five SEC teams ranked above us.

Progress. That’s what the ladies are showing.

game stories:

https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/arkansas … n-six-8-0/

Thanks Dudley.