Updates on portal for Jackson and/or Jones?

Hate to start a new thread but old one is closed. Any new news on Jackson or Jones?

Jordan Jones is still looking around. Jackson?

TQ Jackson was in the portal was well wasn’t he?

Yes, sorry. Brain lapse.

He’s suppose to visit Houston this week. At this time, I do not expect him to be back at Arkansas.

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And Jones doesn’t have the option to stay? Is that correct?


Are you able to share why Jones can’t return to the team? It seems we could use his skill set. With keeping the same Stepp, I realize there is history there. Is Stepp determined to use HIS guys only or are there other reasons preventing his return? I guess I just don’t understand where he showed out in some games then got benched never to be seen again.

Ever since I watched him cost Smackover the state championship against Charleston and Ty Storey I have had doubts about his character. He had just made a devastating tackle on a Charleston receiver stopping Charleston late in the game and the ball was going over to Smackover. He pranced off the field, celebrating his hit with his buddies in the stands, and he made the throat slashing gang jesture right in front of an official. Charleston got the ball back, fifteen yards, and proceeded to score to win the game. Smackover had the win and he threw it away. I suspect he is still not buying in and, after two years of working with him, Stepp is ready for him to move on. I hear he has good straight line speed but runs poor routes.

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