Updates on drafted players — UPDATED 7/15

I’ll use this thread to update which players will turn pro and which will turn down pro offers, as well as to update who has signed UDFAs.

2021 Razorbacks

Kevin Kopps (Padres, 3rd round)

Christian Franklin (Cubs, 4th round)

Ryan Costeiu (Angels, 7th round)

Casey Opitz (Cubs, 8th round)

Patrick Wicklander (Rays, 8th round)

Lael Lockhart (Dodgers, 9th round)

Caden Monke (Royals, 14th round)

Elijah Trest (Rockies, 19th round)

Charlie Welch (Mariners, 19th round)

Matt Goodheart (undrafted) — SIGNED WITH PHILLIES AS UDFA


Max Muncy, SS (Athletics, 1st round)

Jordan Viars, OF (Phillies, 3rd round) — WILL SIGN

Drew Gray, LHP/OF (Cubs, 3rd round)

Braylon Bishop, OF (Pirates, 14th round) — SAYS HE WILL COME TO ARKANSAS

Drake Varnado, SS (Diamondbacks, 17th round) — SAYS HE WILL COME TO ARKANSAS

Brenden Dixon, 2B (Pirates, 20th round) — WILL SIGN


Not relevant to this list but I saw an item that the Angels drafted nothing but 20 pitchers. Not a single hitter or position player. Other clubs came close to that.

That’s really interesting. Wonder how that plays out on their minor league rosters?

I would guess they’ll take care of any needs at the other positions with UDFAs.

Was there no place for Goodheart on this roster?

It will easier for Goodheart to start in A-Ball than the '22 Hogs…

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any updates?

Unfortunately, with my daughter being born two weeks early and me taking time off, I wasn’t able to update this leading up to the signing deadline like I thought I would.

The final update is that everyone except Elijah Trest and Drake Varnado signed. This site is a good resource to find signing bonuses.

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