Updates from the Rangers scrimmages

Here is the link:

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I think Polk is proving to be a better hitter that his statistics showed. 422 ft Oppo Taco is quite a blast. I think this its his second or third home run of the Fall.

Here is the recap with quotes:

Oklahoma’s coaches did not want to lose Polk. I think he can be solid.

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Yes he is growing on me… we’ve always had a great catcher, hopefully he can continue the tradition.

Matt what do you think about our defense? We’ve been so blessed to have great defenses do you think this team can get there??

What kind of pitching were we seeing out of the Texas team. How does it compare to sec??

At one of the scrimmages that I attended, Polk hit one over the new building in right field off Tygart.

I just hope his defense in similar to what Hog fans have seen from our Catchers.

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I want to reserve comment on the defense until I see the team play more. My time has been needed elsewhere and I have not been able to make it to the park as much this fall. There were some errors last night, but in talking to several people after the game, I think some were due to the nerves of playing in that setting for the first time.

The Rangers’ pitchers were a mixed bag. The starter wasn’t a hard thrower, but he can pitch. There was another who pitched in the middle of the game who was spinning the ball at over 3,000 RPM.

The pitcher who gave up the big inning in the seventh is 17 years old from another country. There is no telling what kind of development and coaching he has had. The instructional league includes a lot of international players who have the raw tools, but are still learning to play the game. After watching them last night, it’s not surprising they have lost to the college teams they have played.

I think one of the most important aspects to this week for Arkansas is simply the ability to be in one dugout and play as one team, as opposed to the players competing against each other.

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Thanks Matt I appreciate it… yeah I totally agree about that playing as a team for the first time… these two games will really help develop some continuity and at the same time give the coaches a better look at how they perform against outside competition.

I think it will be hard for us to ever get as good a infield defense as we’ve had the last couple of years. We just hope DVH can get them to playing very solid defense not necessarily spectacular as we have seen the last two years.

One thing I’ll say about the defense: What we see this fall is not what we are going to see in the spring because Brady Slavens is going to be the first baseman. He is recovering from the elbow surgery.

Jayson Jones played first last night. I would not be surprised if he is the third baseman.

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Cali can obviously hit. Where do you see him fitting in?? I would think it’s going to be hard to not have his Bat in the lineup . Jones has hit the ball will recently as well and he obviously has potential to be very elite. They are going to be some tough decisions being made who’s not getting playing time.

I totally missed the game. It’s sure is nice to see the Hogs played well. With all the new faces it will take some time to get use to all of them.
The pitching seems like is was good. 3 homers was nice to see too.

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I think he’ll play a lot because of his bat. I would not be surprised to see him DH or play some first or third base.

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Yeah I totally agree Matt. He has really hit the ball well this fall.

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