Updates from Pittman's news conference today

I have been waiting on the Crawford move inside but surprised by St. John–he must be making a move in practice. Right tackle is still hit or miss it seems. The o line has some bad tape to work on after the Bulldogs show of force Saturday but I think they figure it out going forward.

Really would love to see some insider information on strength…6 5 and 320 does not mean bully strength but its much better then 2 years ago. Look at Dallas Cowboys center Tyler Biadisz if Zach Martin not next to him, what would happen? It took years for Connor Williams to not get ragdolled and can get pushed back into QB.

Someone wrote an article that John Marshall was repping 405 on Bench for 4 sets now that is strong…and you could see it on the field. Love to see some insider info…what do some of the new guys bench, squat? Tykiest Crawford? Jalen St John?

Loved coach’s response to the question about meeting former players after the game. Also says what we already know about Sam and how guys that play for him feel about him.

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I noticed that, too. Not just that he did it, but how he felt as he had to do it. Showing those players the respect they deserved even though he felt awful about the loss they’d handed us.

It’s responses like that that make me realize again how we’ve got the right coach. We are gonna lose some recruits to glitzier programs, but we’re not gonna lose any because the players don’t like our coach–or like the other coach better. Hard for me to know how the transfer portal will affect our program or college football in general, but the high school recruits he gets a chance to develop a relationship with are gonna want to play for him. I can see us getting our share of top-tier recruits very soon. Hope so.

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