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Dave is recapping the fall. I will post some updates here.

Van Horn says Matt Hobbs has been contacted numerous times by pro teams the past couple of years, even when he was at Wake Forest. Van Horn says Hobbs does not have a desire to leave Arkansas.

“I feel like Matt Hobbs is going to be our pitching coach for a long time.”

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Van Horn said Hobbs met with the Yankees all day Wednesday.

Van Horn says Casey Martin’s recovery is going well after his hand surgery.

Caleb Bolden (Tommy John rehab) should be ready to throw for the team in February.

Matt Goodheart (shoulder surgery) has started to throw but that process will take awhile.

Van Horn says there will be some young players transfer but he does not want to name names right now.

Van Horn says he feels good about the depth of the pitching staff. Potential starters are Wicklander, Noland, Kopps and Monke, “but there’s more” who could factor into the rotation.

It sounds like Zebulon Vermillion has added a cutter and could be a closer this season. Elijah Trest is another potential closer.

Van Horn says Kole Ramage could be a starter or a long reliever.

He mentioned Blake Adams, Peyton Pallette and Zack Morris as freshman pitchers he liked.

Van Horn says Braydon Webb (shoulder) is about two weeks from being able to swing the bat full speed. He is more polished in the outfield, but also has a chance to play some at second base.

Van Horn added Caleb Bolden as a player he thinks he could be a starter.

“Everything is better” with Connor Noland and “he’s come a long way.” Van Horn says Noland’s velocity jumped on all of his pitches this fall.

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Van Horn says Heston Kjerstad will play some first base but will continue to play in the outfield. Matt Goodheart and Jesse Pierce are other players who could play at first base.

The Troy, Oklahoma and Michigan State midweek games/series will be returned to Fayetteville the following year.

Van Horn indicated he was happy with how transfers Cole Austin and Braydon Webb played this fall.

To be clear: I do not think Hobbs’ candidacy with the Yankees is over, but all indications are that he will remain at Arkansas. He was in the office working today. He was not available for an interview.

Here is more Van Horn:

I’ll bet Blake Adams is the only freshman pitcher who has hit a home run in Baum Walker Stadium.